Sunday, April 6, 2008

Yuppie Kids.

It started when Haley was a baby. We lived down the street from the most delicious sushi restaurant. We went all the time. Seriously...they had our own fancy chopsticks in a locked cabinet. When Haley started eating solids, the owner brought her out some tofu in a bowl. It kinda scared me...but he assured us all of his kids enjoyed it. And sure enough, she was a fan. So we ate our sushi and she ate tofu.

Our love affair with sushi has continued. Now both girls like it. Unfortunately, it is a pricey habit, so we have to be creative about how we order. But the kids LOVE miso soup, edamames (Lexi calls them "mommys"), and california rolls. They also enjoy going to teppan restaurants. I'm not quite as in to teppan (As Jen Tompkins pointed out last week...I don't like food that is cooked.) That is true. I'm not much of a meat eater, and if I'm gonna eat fish, I prefer it raw. However, my kids like teppan because they cook it in front of them. They enjoy the fire and the show.

Their Grandparents enjoy it too. They have gone with both of our parents to different restaurants, but lately, they have been talking Bruce and Connie into taking them to J Toyko for lunch every Wednesday. It is a Japanese restaurant here in town. They love it. In fact, they talk about it all the time. Haley's preschool director was asking me about J Tokyos the other day, because Haley had told her how excited she was to eat there. Then my friend Gina who had Haley with her on Thursday said that Haley was requesting J Tokyos for lunch. Gina had never heard of the place. How about El Pollo Loco instead, she asked. Literally, as they were pulling out of the parking lot, with their lunch in the car that Gina was so generous to buy for them, Haley is still begging to go to J Tokyos. Oddly enough, I've never eaten there with her. It must be good though...check out some of these pics from last Wednesday's lunch.

This picture makes me laugh...she is obviously very happy with her soup!


johnsonandjohnson said...

okay, so the picture with Haley so happy with her soup reminds me of some kid picture of you with your permed out hair with a blue sweater on...I don't remember exactly what the picture is, but I swear you were making that same face!

The Craftypigs said...

Yep, yuppie puppies.

Lyn said...

Jennifer - what a good memory. I know which picture you are talking about. Definitely like mother/like daughter! I'll have to look for that picture.

Brazenlilly said...

I'm just glad Haley is still hot on her Easter headband. ;)