Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sea World Ban

Remember the movie the Matrix? Morpheous offered Neo two pills. If he took the red pill, he would realize what the Matrix was, and he would be pulled from it. He would know the truth. If he took the blue pill, life would go on as before. Nothing would change. Before Neo reached for the red pill, Morpheous said, " Remember, all I am offering is the truth...nothing more."

So, this week, I decided to choose the red pill. I wanted to know the truth.

Yeah, I know this sounds dramatic, but let me explain myself.

I have always loved sea life. Specifically dolphins. My room was decorated in dolphin decor throughout my childhood. I started college with a minor in marine biology so I could become a dolphin trainer at Sea World. (Yeah, that obviously did not work out.) I go to Sea World, and I cry at the mere beauty of these beautiful creatures. I LOVE DOLPHINS.

Perhaps you remember this little documentary called, "The Cove". It came out last year, and it won the OSCAR this year. I knew it was about dolphins. I knew it frowned upon captivity, and so I put off watching it because I didn't want to feel guilty about going to Sea World.

Turns out, everything I predicted turned out to be true. Time to cancel my Sea World Annual Pass.

Here's the story behind the movie...

Ric O'Berry who was the dolphin trainer in the old TV show, FLIPPER, is the man basically behind the idea of dolphins in captivity...and invented techniques used to train dolphins. He grew to realize that he had made a critical mistake in putting dolphins in captivity and has spent the past 30 years trying to undo the damage he created.

In this movie, he focuses on a small, coastal town in Taiji, Japan. A town that hunts bottlenosed dolphins. Why? It all comes down to money. Zoos and Aquariums are willing to pay top dollar for beautiful, bottlenosed dolphins that can be trained and used commercially... i.e, in Sea World shows. These dolphins will sell for an average of $150,000. The dolphins that are not selected are massacred. Literally, trapped in a cove. Left overnight. And then stabbed with spears the next morning. Leaving the ocean stained red with their blood. It is a horrifying image.

These massacres will continue to happen as long as people are paying for tickets and supporting aquariums/zoos who offer shows that feature dolphins or offer swim with dolphin programs.

The movie goes into greater detail of why dolphins do not belong in captivity. And you can also read more about it at:

As much as it pains me to know I may never again experience an interaction with a dolphin, I just can't support these animals in captivity anymore. I encourage you to watch the move and/or read these websites for more information.

Friday, May 14, 2010

A Birthday Letter.

Dear Lexi,

I can't not believe you've blessed our family for 4 years now. Well, technically 4 years and 9 months.

I can remember the day I realized you were growing inside of me. I just knew. In fact, I knew before science. They have tests you can buy in the store that tell you whether or not you are going to have a baby. I took a test on Friday. I didn't even tell your Daddy. He might've thought I was being silly, so I didn't want him to know until I was sure. That test told me no. But I didn't believe it. So, I took another one on Sunday morning before church. And it said yes. I KNEW IT! And Lexi, I was so happy, I got down on my knees and started crying and praying a prayer to God just saying, "thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you."

That day when daddy came home from church, your sister Haley was wearing a shirt that said, "BIG SISTER"... and he was SO surprised! Then he had to go on a trip to help people in Louisiana, so I didn't get to see him the rest of the week. But we told Grandma/Granddad & Grandma/Papa & Auntie Jen and Dodo on Friday night. We hid a pacifier in the bread basket that said, "Surprise!" And boy, were they surprised!

It was fun to have you in my belly. Even though you like weird food like McDonalds. (YUK!) Then all I wanted to eat was fruit...and I ate A LOT of fruit. Enough to give me diabetes. So, my doctor said, "NO MORE FRUIT!" Which made us both very sad!!! But I still think that is why you like fruit so much.

I knew you were going to be a girl on Christmas day of 2005. We had our nurse put your ultrasound in a secret envelope and we opened it on Christmas Day. I really thought you were a boy...but Lexi, I'm so glad you are a girl. God knew I needed you.

Here's how we told the world what your name was...

That's you inside of my belly!

You grew and grew and grew until it was time to go to the hospital. Mommy had to have a c-section, so we picked out your birthday. May 12th seemed like a really good day to us. This is a picture of us when we got to the hospital.

This is a picture of Mommy before the surgery. I was a little nervous.

Daddy was soooooo excited to meet you. Isn't he cute?

They told me it's time for surgery! Time for Lexi to be born! Now, Mommy is excited too!

Here is a picture of the doctors working on mommy so you can come out and see us.

And just a few minutes later, we had our first family picture taken...

You were finally here....

You sure found your fingers quick...

Your sister was in love with you at first sight...

We all were...

It was finally time to go home.

Oh look! The stork announced your birth! All 9lbs and 2oz of you!

We walked in those doors and began our new life with you. You have brought so much joy, so much laughter, and so much love to our family Lexi Mae.

Your Daddy and I love you with all of our hearts Lexi. We are so thankful that God chose us to be your parents.

Happy 4th Birthday!


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Scratchy Dishes.

I got kinda bummed putting my dishes away today. I noticed a lot of them are pretty scratched up. They were a wedding present, so to be fair they are over ten years old. But still, the scratches are hard for OCD people like me.

But as I bent over the sink, holding a plate in my hand, I started thinking about how many times those dishes were used. How many birthdays, dinners with family, parties with friends...How many good stories were shared over dinner....How much laughter filled the room over many brownies were eaten while watching our favorite shows like Survivor or LOST.

And as each moment filled my mind, I started to like the way my scratchy dishes looked...because etched into each one, are sweet, precious memories.

Monday, May 10, 2010


While riding in the car, Lexi started singing a song. When she was done Haley said, "That was pretty Lexi. Sing it again."

Lexi said... "I can't. It's not in my brain anymore."

Friday, May 7, 2010

Pay no attention to the lady crying on the carousel.

Today was a beautiful day.

It was also an emotional one.

It started off with a Mother's Day Tea at Lexi's preschool. She was so excited for me to come to her classroom. And the morning did not disappoint. She sat on my lap. She sang a beautiful off -key song about Mother's Day. She made me a craft...painted in my favorite color. We shared a little sandwich and some juice together. And it was as if it was all happening in slow motion. She's growing up so quickly, I kept thinking. My heart's rhythm started to pick up the way it does before I start to cry. The tears were almost there...And then I would remind myself to stop and enjoy the moment.

Fast forward to tonight....

We took the kids to Disneyland after school. And it was just one of those perfect days. Not too crowded. The kids were in good spirits. And our little family of four was together for the first time in a long time...with no agenda. Just open to wherever the day would take us.

So many good conversations were had. So many laughs. So many smiles. So many "I wanna remember this moment" moments.

We got on to the ride, 'Finding Nemo' and I was sitting by Haley. I wish I had my phone handy to capture a picture. Instead, I will have to describe the moment. She was sitting in her little submarine chair, looking out her circular window, so wide-eyed and full of beautiful...and it was as if I almost couldn't breathe. I was so full of this amazing love for her, I thought my heart would burst. Literally burst. And the tears almost came again. Instead, I just simply leaned over and kissed her head. And said a silent prayer of a million thanks to God for blessing me with my daughter. I could not love her more. I could NOT.

And then an hour or two later, we were sitting outside on the boardwalk eating dinner. Lexi and I were finished and she wanted to go ride the carousel. "Can we ride the carousel Mommy?" Of course, I said. And so the two of us went ahead while Curtis and Haley finished dinner.

And as we were walking I just wanted time to stop. Cause I know that the wonder of the simple little carousel will soon not be enough to make my sweet little Lexi excited. And with that thought comes a thousand others...all based around my sweet baby growing up.

And those were the thoughts that captivated my heart as I sat on my sea otter and she on her fish and we rode the Little Mermaid Carousel. And each time she smiled her big smile, and laughed her big laugh, another tear would fall. I would inconspicuously wipe my eyes and hope that all the smiling parents taking pictures outside the ride wouldn't catch on to this super emotional mom that is just madly in love with her kids...willing time to stand still...and disappointed that it would not.

We got off the ride, and walked towards Curtis only to find him holding Haley like this...

Could the day be any richer?

I told Curtis I got all emotional on the carousel, to which he replied, "Why?" And as I started to tear up AGAIN, I said, "Check the blog later." "Really?" he says... "Check the blog? Is that what we've come to?" I laughed... but the truth is, today was just one of those days. The love is too thick, too much, too good. I can't even think about it without getting emotional. So it had to be written down.

Cause yeah, I'm the crazy lady that cries on carousels. I'm the one sitting alone in my house wiping my slobbering face with my sleeve cause I've run out of kleenexes...Cause I'm the one that has been blessed with a love greater than a deserve.

Thursday, May 6, 2010


Lexi drew Mickey Mouse today.

And though you may have a hard time picking him out, she pointed out every little attribute of Mr. Mouse.

She was very proud of herself.

I'm proud of her too. Mostly because, her drawing of Mickey Mouse shows more promise than mine.