Tuesday, April 8, 2008

American Idol REWIND.

So I've had a few requests our adventure to American Idol. This is my version of REWIND.

Curtis calls. We have tickets to American Idol. Lisa (who is a professional violinist that we have become friends with since she plays occasionally at our church) got us in. We have 6 tickets. We have more than 4 friends who like AI. So I was out of the selection process. Curtis asked people that he knew could take the time off and actually wanted to go. Those people ended up being: Me, Curtis, My Dad, Matt & Christie Walker, and since our friend JJ couldn't go, his girlfriend Rachel went.

Slight pause to thank both of our Moms for helping out with the girls today - YOU ROCK!

Meet at 10:30. Pile in our rockin' Mini Van and head to LA.
10:42 - Stop at Starbucks. YES! (hand in fist drawing arm down by my side...picture it.)
12ish - arrive at the Grove in LA.
SUSHI for lunch. Life could NOT be better.
1:30 - Tell security our name is on the list...get moved to the front of the line. Even though they claim there is no list. (HINT - for future tapings..just mention you are on a list and see what happens...they NEVER checked our name.)
1:32 - walking in line...walk past all the trailers/cars for Dancing With the Stars. As we were waiting, we saw Mario & Adam Carolla. Adam gave the boys a wave...they were happy.
2ish - we are moved into the studio. Smaller studio than it appears on camera...but that is always the case. Lights are on...moved to center seats, right behind where the judges sit. PERFECT.
2:30 - The "idols" start coming on stage. This is for REHEARSAL.
SIDEBAR - our tickets were for Rehearsal not the show.

Rehearsal begins and Ryan walks out. Wearing jeans, Virgina Tech t-shirt, and Black zip up hoodie. My stomach had butterflies. You've got to understand, I have liked Ryan for years and years...back to when he was on a local radio station here. I think he is SO funny, charming, and sweet. I tease Curtis that I have a crush on him. But you don't need to think I am a bad is innocent. I know who my man is.
Back to Rehearsal.
Ryan is onstage. Everyone is screaming at him. When it quiets down, Curtis, my darling husband yells "MY WIFE LOVES YOU."
Ryan - WHO?
Curtis - MY WIFE
(My hands are covering my face...I'm bright red and feel like I'm going to throw up.)
Ryan - OH YEAH...WE'VE (hear that - WE'VE) been meaning to talk to you about that!
(We're a WE!!!!!)
It was a beautiful moment.

Then they start the dress rehearsal...start to finish...just like the show.

My thoughts (and I will compare from rehearsal to performance)
Michael Jons - good - better in rehearsal.
Sayesha - very good - slightly better in rehearsal.
Jason - same both times...sweet.
Kristy - not a fan, but she made me cry in rehearsal..the line about "sing a song they won't remember tomorrow...sing it anyway" got to was WAY better in rehearsal...but I still enjoyed it.
Dave Cook - LOVE HIM. Song was not the best choice. Better show than rehearsal.
Carly - better in rehearsal. She can sing but I'm not a fan. She looks MEAN.
Dave - also not a fan. CREEPY REHEARSAL MOMENT - before he sang, they had a bunch of girls crowd around him...but some weirdo moms (older than me) snuck in and had their hands on him. Creeped us out. The boys started yelling Dateline. Glad to see there were no older mom types all over him when the show aired.
Brooke - Fun rehearsal moment - As she was getting up to perform, there was a big break. So Matt yelled for Lisa (our violinist friend who was rehearsing.) Brooke says, " Oh you're here for Lisa? And we said yes. And she said, "Oh, she is great." And we said, "We're here for you too! And Dave...And Ryan. :o)

It was a fun rehearsal. Quite relaxed and fun to have them chat with us. We enjoyed seeing the show before the rest of the world. We were actually hoping we'd get to see the show with the rest of the world, but we couldn't figure out how to sneak back in. We were a big group, and a noisy group. So that made it more difficult to sneak in quietly. We thought about trying to get into Dancing With The Stars...but we were slightly under dressed, and Matt called it Dancing with the Boring.

So we headed to the Farmers Market...had some dinner, walked through the Grove where we saw Danny Bonaduchi, the lady from Poltergeist, and Ben Vereen.

Then we hopped in the car...paid an enormous parking fee, and headed home.

It was a great day...


discomommy said...

I am more than a little anry (AKA Pissed ut this is a G Rated Audience).

Number one...did you go to the all you can eat Sushi at the Grove? The one I was sitting right at the front door of at 12pm with my 9 year old sister and daughter admiring thier LAME American Girl Dolls that I had just spent a fortune on while secretly dreaming I could be somewhere cooler...LIKE AMERICAL IDOL!!!. HELLO???!!!

Second...considering we had you over for dinner on Sunday night, and provided everything but the ice I would think we would be higher on the list first thing Monday morning.

Lastly...OK...I don't have a lastly. I know where we rate and am sad I once again will never be cool enough to be in your club! I know you tried to pass it off on Curtis creating the guest list, but we are all crystal clear on who wears the pants over there OK???!!!

Oh yeah, and you just lost you number 1 babysitter!

You know I could never REALLY do that...I do love those girls, but I will go sulk for a few minutes if you don't mind.

discomommy said...

By the way, I am up late trying to complete a project for work and couldn't figure out how to spell check. I guess my angst is not so impressive when it is all in typos!!!

VikingMom said...

Ha Ha! I love your comments Gina. Very funny. As for you Kristi, I'm glad you all had a good time. What were you thinking taking Matt and Curtis at the same time? You should've known you would end up embarrased at sometime. Very entertaining indeed. Also, I'm glad that you and Ryan are a "we" now. Much of the world will be disappointed when they hear that one.

E said...

Wow. You actually DO love Ryan Seacrest.
My bad. I thought you were joking.

Glad you had fun.

(...and tell Curtis he has nothing to worry about. You know why.)

johnsonandjohnson said...

I am so glad you had such a good time. "e's" comment made me laugh out loud---

Lyonslove said...

Remember when Ben Vareen would guest star on Webster? He was awesome on that show. Congrats that you and Ryan are finally a "we."

Kristi said...

hey grumpy gina...don't forget we brought those luscious strawberries, chocolate, and the hummus and chips. if you're gonna talk bad about us, don't make us sound like scrounges.

and you need spell check.

Brazenlilly said...

The WE moment will live in infamy! So, were the judges there too? Did you talk to them if you were right behind them?

Jennifer said...

Wow, that sounds so fun! I think rehearsal would be so much more to be a part of since you are not on such a time crunch. You get a little more Idol.
I saw your picture and right away was did Rachel get in that picture! ha! Her mom would be so jealous!
So glad you had a good time. Thanks for sending me the link. Whose your fave?
mine you ask...well I will tell you...David Cook,Jason Castro and Brooke White. I've downloaded most of their stuff.
LOVED your "WE" moment. and if anyone asks....all wives in a healthy marriage have crushes and a "list" :)

I Heart Genesis said...

pick me! pick me! I wanna go next time!