Monday, April 28, 2008

Innocence Lost.

I was watching the news today. And a "This just in" report came on. Apparently they ran DNA tests and found that over half of the teenage girls taken from the FLDS cult (ages 14-17) had been pregnant at one time or were currently pregnant. I started crying. These are children. Children of disillusioned parents. And my heart is breaking for them. They don't know what a crayon is but yet they have bore children. It's all so very wrong.

I have a friend who thinks my religion is crazy. But at least I chose what I believe. There is no one forcing me to live the way I live.

At one time, I felt so sorry for these moms who had their kids taken away. Now I feel no sorrow. My job as a mother is to protect my child. What they allowed to be done to their children honestly don't have words.

I hope that as they are away from that brainwashing society that they find new life, new hope, and are able to spend the rest of their teenage years being kids instead of having kids.


Don said...

Yuck...I hadn't heard all that stuff. You're right, that is beyond description and repulsive.

Even though in ancient cultures marriage/pregnancy in early adolescence was common, there is no place for it in today's world. Sadly, their mothers probably were pregnant when THEY were 12 or 13 too. Makes your head spin.

VikingMom said...

Billy's grandma had her first baby at 14. She went on to have 15 children total. Needless to say, she died at the age of 62 looking like she was 90 years old. Life was not easy for her.

I'm thankful for my husband, her grandson, but I wouldn't wish her lifestyle on anyone. As Don said, she was from a different time and a different culture. There is not excuse for that to happen today in America.

The Craftypigs said...

I couldn't agree with more! Un-freakin'-believable.

Diane Davis said...

Well... since it is my birthday I am allowed to stir the pot... ;)

Some would say that you have limited choice in what you practice today because of how you were raised. Choice might have been if we were raised with nothing and then came to faith OR if we were raised with multipule religions and then chose which one made the most sense. But there could be an argument that you were also indoctrinated into a religious belief that started at birth.

Ok, now I'll jump back over to the other side and agree that they are kids that should be protected...

Kristi said... pot-stirrer. Well, it is your birthday. And I enjoy a stirred here goes.

I'm not sure if you are referring to me personally when you use the word "you"...but I will say this. I was born into a family that followed a certain religion. True. But I was not raised within the walls of a commune where certain people knew what went on beyond those walls and decided to keep me from it. They don't have anything to choose. I had choices. Still do.

Sometimes I made horrible choices and sometimes I doubted my own faith. I walked down different paths, but I eventually took the path back to truth.

These mothers were abused and are allowing the cycle to continue. I hope their children now get a chance to make their own choices.

And I am happy for the 6 women who made the choice to not return to that commune. I hope they are now given unlimited choices and are able to experience true freedom.

Diane Davis said...

I was feeling fiesty and hoped I didn't offend you. But then I remembered that my friend KT loves a debate and could take a little lip from me. :)