Thursday, July 30, 2009


Haley has started getting up in the morning and going directly to the living room, where she pulls out all of her art supplies and has some creative time on her own.

It's really quite lovely because she likes "alone time" and mommy and daddy like "sleepy time". This is what we call a win win.

Lexi likes to begin every morning with snuggle imagine my surprise when I awoke to hear two little voices in the living room...obviously quite busy.

When I came out to check on them, I didn't have my glasses I relied on my hearing and I heard words such as:


When I got closer, I saw this...

Behold... the Butterfly.
Artist...Haley Templeton

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Lesson in Worship...

Yesterday, I was watching a Hillsong Video of a new song they are about to release. If you know anything about Hillsong, you know they are extravagant worshipers and their congregation is always expressing themselves outwardly.

I left the video of their song on, and I left the room.

When I came back in, I saw this...

Whatcha doing Lexi?

Lexi: Watching the moogzik.
Mom: Oh yeah?
Lexi: Why do they put their arms up in the air like that Mommy?
Mom: Because that is the way that people can tell Jesus they love's like they are trying to reach out to him...trying to be closer to him.

And she sat right up and did this....

Mom: (in tears)
Lexi: I think we should go see him now.
Mom: Who?
Lexi: God. I think we should go up in the clouds and see God. I want to see his face. And Mommy.... when we are done, could he drop us back off at our house?

May we all have childlike faith...and be so free in our worship.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


A picture of little Haley with the tooth that is no more. (Courtesy of Grandma who read my blog and sent me the picture.)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Emotional Momma.

The first clue of my craziness happened yesterday at Disneyland. I went with my sister.  We were having a lovely time over in California Adventure near the Monsters Inc. ride when Jennifer says, "Oh look...there is Sully!"  And I said, "Oh LOVED that Sully when you were a baby."  And just like that...I was so choked up that I couldn't speak.  

Haley was only a few months old when we first took her to Disneyland/California Adventure.  She was scared of all of the characters except for Sully.  Which is STRANGE...since he is the BIGGEST and FURRIEST of all.  One time we went with Grandma Connie and while we were riding a ride, she bought Haley a Sully doll, which is still a big part of the family today.  Well, yesterday took me right back to that moment, as if it was yesterday.  Except that now instead of a 5 month old, I have a 5 year old.  

Sidebar: I have tears dripping down my face right now as I type. 

Back to the story...

When we got home, Haley and Lexi got in the bath.  A few minutes later, I heard Curtis say, "Where is your tooth?????"  And just like that, my baby's tooth is gone.  And I mean REALLY gone. We couldn't find it anywhere. She didn't even know she lost it.  Don't worry, after searching all over the bathroom, Curtis found it on the rug.  

And admist all the joy...all the high-5's...all the "I can't believe its"... I started crying again.  Crying because I remembered how excited I was to see that little tooth come in.  She was 3 months old and there was nothing cuter and sweeter than her little tooth.  I remember that tooth biting me when I nursed her. I remember seeing her smile her one tooth smile.  And's gone.

Time is just slipping by too quickly for me.  

But nevertheless, I am happy because she is happy.  Look how beautiful my toothless girl is...

Once the tears finally dried up, we had a fun time preparing for the tooth fairy's arrival.

Placing the tooth under the pillow (she was kinda nervous about the tooth fairy coming in and taking it while she was asleep)

But she was excited.

Making sure it was still there.

Couldn't be happier!

And good news...the fairy did come. And Haley woke us up at 6:30 am to let us know that she had brought her a DOLLAR! Wow. Lucky toothless girl!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


No...seriously...This is big.

Here's the thing. I live in the land of no air-conditioning.  I also live in the land of 'I need Coffee every morning to survive.'  

So here are my issues.

1) I don't drink coffee until around 10 am which gives me time to have breakfast and adequate amounts of water in my system.  At 10am, it is quite toasty in my house. But sadly, I am not willing to wake up at 6am to push this schedule back.  

....which leads me to....

2) Starbucks iced coffees.  I literally got dressed this morning to go to Starbucks and get a iced caramel macchiato.  That's $3.70  My wallet can't afford this every morning people.  

I could make my own iced coffees but they do not taste so good. 

Unless you have any good suggestions...(stop drinking coffee will not be accepted as a good suggestion)....I think the only solution is for me to apply for the morning shift at Sbux. 

Any thoughts? 

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Gone Fishin'

Last week... my sweet, wonderful, darling husband gave me the most precious gift of all....alone time. I am borderline introverted, and if I don't have time by myself to regroup, I begin to struggle. We had been through a period of crazy schedules and consequently, I had no time to myself which means everything around me begins to suffer. Sensing that, Curtis calls me up one day and lets me know that he wants to take the girls away to the mountains for a couple of days. Can you believe it? Yeah, he is pretty awesome.

And thanks to a sweet couple of friends, Curtis had a beautiful home to go to in the mountains and Daddy and his girls had a wonderful time together.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Tonight, Lexi looked up at the moon and said, "Look at the moon's cut in HALF!"

Me - Oh really? Wow. How did it get cut in half?
Lexi - God did it.
Me - He did?
Lexi - Yeah...he has a special knife that cuts the moon in half.

Who knew?