Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Disney Day.

I don't have a camera. It is broken. So I am relying on the pictures of friends to get me through this difficult time. :o)
Today, we went to Disneyland - 18 of us. It was crazy, chaotic, and fun all at the same time. There was still massive Spring Break traffic, but we managed to do everything we wanted! It was awesome.

I think the highlight of the day was the parade. It was Disney magic at it's best. What joy to watch Haley who now knows and thinks she is "best friends" with all of the characters...see her friends in "real life." And to look at Carson (Jen & Trent's son) who was experiencing Disney for the first time, was just so special. Tanner did an awesome pre-show for us as well...since he is walking, he is on the GO and parading up and down the street while waiting for the parade to begin.

Jaime, Ashley, and their girls left earlier in the well as JJ, Rachel, and the little girl she babysits. But we did get some pics of the kids earlier in the day in Toontown. This gives you an idea of all the crazy kid fun we had. Rachel sent these to me on Facebook.

P.S. Speaking of the characters and Haley's knowledge of them. When we walked into the park, we saw "Kowwella Deville" from 101 Dalmations. We watched this movie when Haley was in the hospital. I loathed it. I didn't realize how crass Cruella was and all the inappropriate things she says (for the ears of a 4 yr. old.) But, Haley likes everyone. Including villians. She wanted to see Kowwella. But we really wanted to catch up with the rest of our friends at the park. I took Haley to the bathroom where she proceeded to beg and plead her case. You see, she and Kowwella are "best friends"


Me - I didn't even know you were friends.
Haley -Mom...(Said like a 14 year old...half sighing.) She wears a dog coat, and I even know what she holds in her hand. (Which is one of those old-school cigarette holders).
Me- "Oh really?" I ask. What does Cruella hold in her hand?
Haley - "A magic wand."
Kristi - Oh cool. Well, you can see Cruella and her magic wand next time we're here.
Haley - (now crying) BUT SHE'S MY BEST FRIEND.
Kristi - I know. I know.

We're going back tomorrow for the conclusion of DisneyFest 08. Maybe we'll run into her best friend again.


Don said...

You made the start of my wet, cold Indianapolis morning! Good thing we didn't run into Kowwella the other day...I mighta punched her in the face. (Oh yeah, Haley wouldn't have let me.)

Glad you have these special times with the people you love.


VikingMom said...

Ahh...Cruella, oops! I mean Kowwella. That reminds me of the time we took Tamila and Annie to Disneyland. Annie made us stop to see Cruella to tell her that she was the most beautiful person she had ever seen. The character acted the whole thing up it was hilarious! Annie was just amazed to stand in the presence of Cruella de Ville.

Diane Davis said...

Haley saw Brian's ex-wife at Dland?

(I know, I'm bad...)

Lisa P said...

When we went this fall, Alexa was slightly bothered by the scary things at Disneyland--specifically the snowman in the Matterhorn, so Angela told her that it was just a robot. Which helped...until it occurred to her that her princesses might be robots too! There was no rest until we were able to go back and talk to one to find that, indeed, she was not a robot, and therefore: REAL.

Have fun tomorrow!

PS: Diane, shame on you! =)