Monday, September 27, 2010

When did my daughter's hands get so big? And other things I've learned about the First Grade.

This morning, I got some snuggle time in with Haley. She's 6. And she's growing so fast. I swear kids age in dog years.

So while we were laying there playing with Star Wars Figurines (don't all 6 year old girls start the morning playing with Star Wars Figurines?) I was just staring at her hands. Taking apart C3P0, putting him back together again. Holding the Storm Trooper & shooting his tiny gun. And all I kept thinking, was how big her hands were. Those could not possibly be the sweet tiny hands that used to grip my fingers, could they?

Yet here she is...6 years old. A first grader.

She's doing so well. She loves her class. She loves her teacher. I have learned that people are very opinionated about what teachers they like and don't like at Haley's school. (Though I'm sure that is universal). All I know is that I think her teacher was made for her. She is very structured and very strict. But she pours out her heart to those kids and loves them all so much. Haley used to volunteer in her classroom after school last year, and she really wanted her as her teacher. I'm so glad they were paired up. On the first day of school she came home and announced, "Well, I'm not going to get away with ANYTHING this year!" My heart might have done a little leap of joy. And it's true. She hasn't gotten away with a thing. And I love it!

Here are some pictures from her Back to School Night

Our Family Tree

On Friday, I was in the classroom helping. I think my favorite part of that morning was when I was doing crafts in the back with the kids and Haley was at the craft table with two other boys. As soon as they got there, they started talking in Star Wars Lingo about different toys they had. "I have the Storm Trooper Blaster Snow Lego Man Hans Solo Death Fighter Starship Something"... I don't know. It all sounded like the teacher in Charlie Brown talking to me. " Waah Waah Wahh Wahh Wahh... " But apparently, it was REALLY exciting to them, cause' their eyes were as big as saucers... in awe of each other's Star Wars Collection. Then Haley stands up quietly and whispers, "And I have some of these..." and proceeds to put her hands in her pockets and pull out two Darth Vader toys that she smuggled from home! "Haley, where did you get those?" I asked. She said, "I snuck them from home...I didn't want you to see them cause I thought I would get in trouble." To which I say, "But you know that you're showing them to me right now, right?" She smiled. Then the other little boy stands up and gently pulls a Boba Fett character out of his pocket. WHAT IN THE WORLD? It's like the Black Market for Star Wars toys in that first grade class.

So Haley has found herself in a classroom filled with Star Wars Freaks. They have matching backpacks, lunch boxes, and folders. They wear uniforms, so there are no matching clothes. But I'm sure they would be wearing the same underwear if I let Haley buy the Star Wars Underoos from the boys section that she wants. But you some point you have to draw a line.

One other thing I've learned about first grade...they seem to be really diving into the idea of nutrition at her school. Which I'm all for. However, maybe they've learned a little too much when Haley points out people that are on the heavier side and says, "I think that person has had too many trans fatty oils." REALLY? Trans-Fatty Oils? Wow. Okay. Score one for Nutrition.

Also, score one for Reading. I love what a fabulous reader Haley is now. She wakes up every morning and reads to herself. It's a great activity that quiets her down and focuses her. I love to sit next to her and listen to her read. Hard to believe a year ago, she only new her ABC's, and now she is reading entire books.

This really is going to be a great school year. Curtis stepped up to be Room Dad. I was in a meeting one day, and he kept texting me about how big Haley was getting and how he wanted to spend some extra time with her this he signed up to be Room Dad. And he's loving every minute of it. We have a great class, great teacher, great parents, and we have a little girl that we adore.

... A little girl whose sweet hands have reminded us of how quickly time goes by and we need to treasure every minute.