Sunday, April 13, 2008

Potluck anyone?

Inspired by a comment Laurel made on Kurt's blog...see comment below:

Side note: It dawned on us the other day that none of our children have partaken of the glory that is called "potluck". They've never experience potato salad 20 ways. Or mystery casserole and it's many lumpy cousins.

I feel sad for them.

I say we don't feel sad for them...we throw a raging potluck. Who is in????


VikingMom said...

I'm in. I promise not to bring mystery meat casserole. Also, knowing that I'm banned from ever making potato salad due to Billy's childhood traumas, I won't be bringing that either.

Heidi can bring macaroni and cheese with hotdogs! :)

discomommy said...

If you plan it, we will come!

Jon in HB said...

I was raised on Tuna Noodle Casserole and Hamburger Helper. It saddens me that Gina hates them both. I'm in!

Heidi said...

Oooh! Can I bring the Goulash - or the shredded carrots with mayonnaise and raisins in it?

Or how about the green Jell-o "salad" that's full of crushed pineapple and covered with semi-thawed, fat free Cool Whip?

Or - any kind of cookie. Except I'll bake it in a 9x13 pan and call it "bars."

Seriously... you can't buy memories like that.

Count the Goble family in.

We'll bring the paper goods.

Jon in HB said...

I actually collect cookbooks. Not new ones but 1960s and older. I love the ones put together by local churches. They're filled with the old standards like Heidi mentioned.

Heidi said...

Okay - I think our potluck just became a theme party. C'mon! Next Saturday night in the Garden Room. We can eat classic potluck food and have a hymn sing. And then we can play bible sword drills.

VikingMom said...

Bible Sword Drills! I haven't thought about those for years. There was always a kid who would cheat by using his mom's tabbed Bible. Ah, memories.

Yes, green jello with carrots. Cookies of many forms, KFC and pickled everything. In Oregon they served alot of pickeled things.

Saturday night is alright with us.

Kristi said...

i was going to throw a rager at my house, but it makes more sense to do it at church in the garden room where countless other potlucks have been.

laurel - which reminds me....i think you must have discounted the drive thru potlucks...they have had some hint of what a true potluck is.

now is the theme of the party to bring nasty food as we have all partaken of at said parties...or to bring potluck food that we will actually eat? because i will be hungry. :o)

i'll bring potatoe (funeral) casserole.

discomommy said...

NO! Not Saturday! the Michell'
s want to bring Waldorf Salad but we can't do Saturday! This potluck will be a bust for sure. I am sure we will end up sending Curtis for Pizza D'Oro within 10 minutes.

Kristi said...

if sat. is a bust? friday, may 2nd? does that work?

Heidi said...

Friday, May 2nd is good for us. I say we bring food we'll actually eat - but we could really scare the kids by bringing out samples of what WE had to eat at potlucks when we were growing (throwing) up.

Too much work. Let's just stick with stuff we'll actually eat.

Jon in HB said...

You mean we're not really going to eat all that wonderful food? I'm bummed.
Is this the 1st annual FCC blogger potluck?

Diane Davis said...

what the heck is bible sword drills?

Jon in HB said...

Too bad we're not Catholic, then we could have wine too. Hey now, you all thought it, I'm just the one not one staff that could say it.

kidminkurt said...

gotta have old men - it's not a pot luck without old men

Jon in HB said...

From my library..."Grace Methodist Church Cook Book 1947 - CARDINAL SALAD - i box lemon jello, 1 cup boiling water, 3/4 cup beet juice (out of jar), 3 tbls vinegar, 1/2 tsp salt, 2 tsp grated onion, 1 tbls horseradish, 3/4 cup celery (fine), 1 cup beets diced (canned).
Dissolve jello in water. Add all other ingredients except beets and celery. Chill. Add beets and celery and chill until firm.
-Mrs. J.S. Worthington

Heidi said...

Okay - maybe JON should bring the paper goods.

My cooking is looking better and better.

VikingMom said...

Jon I'm a closet collector of old church cookbooks and such. The 50's and 60's are my favorite era. Billy cringes every time I go to the library because I usually come home with a bag of cookbooks from their used book sale. (Gotta love cheap things!)

There are many Jello treasures out there...everything from tomato, lutefisk to every fruit and vegetable under the sun.

Maybe we should have a jello contest? The most disgusting edible creation gets the crown?

Heidi said...

LUTEFISK! Holy cow. No one bring that. The smell alone will cause the paint to melt off the walls.

Disgusting jello concoctions sound good. Where is the hostess of this conversation? Kristi? Hello? This is your blog girl - c'mon, show some ownership here! :)

Stacey said...

OK, I want to be the lady who brings one can of green beans then takes plates full of food home.
and yes Laurel, its not a potluck without a bucket of KFC on the table. oh oh and remember when it was bring your own "set-up"...the people who would bring the big plactic cafeteria type plates/platters with sections...with matching cups? ahhh...the memories

Lisa P said...

OK, so I'm not an HB resident and don't know most of you, but grew up in a similar church environment, so I must recommend that at least one of you (or the token old men that were suggested) must load up their plate in classic potluck style--you know, Jell-o dumped on fried chicken that is sitting on a bed of tuna casserole. THAT is the memory of potluck that makes me crack up (or throw up as Heidi commented).

Also, Diane, Bible sword drills are scripture verse contests. Your Bible is your sword (see Ephesians 6), and it was a contest to see who could "draw their sword" the fastest. So the teacher would call out a scripture reference, and each kid would tear through their Bible to locate it and be the first to stand up. Great joy and pride came from being a quick draw.

Oh the days.

Stacey said...

Lisa P., your comment about piling the food on top of each other made me LOL!!! I had forgotten about that. What a disturbing visual that is/was!!!