Monday, April 14, 2008

A Formal Invitation

Since there were 22 comments posted on the Potluck Blog...I am hereby inviting anyone and everyone to our house, Friday, May 2nd for a Retro Church Potluck dinner. This is the RSVP list. Please put your name down, how many are coming, and the delightful dish that you will be bringing.

I might even make an exception and eat KFC in the spirit of Retro Potlucks. As a kid, I remember spotting that red & white bucket when I was in line and praying that there would still be some left by the time I got up to it. Who is with me? Who cut line so they could get to the red and white bucket first? Probably Kurt...that is his style. So who is bringing KFC?

BTW - if you have never been to a church potluck before...this is your chance to get a glimpse into some of our pasts...and may explain why we are who we are today....good and bad. :o)


The Craftypigs said... can't have a church potluck at a house, you have to have it at the the Fellowship Hall.

VikingMom said...

She does have a point. We need to eat in a church basement. Our potlucks were always in the basement.

We will be there all six of us. As for my dishes, I'm still deciding. There's so much to choose from!

Tater-tot casserole anyone? I'll definitely bring a jello salad of some form. Edible of course.

Stacey said...

Now I"M totally bummed. We can't come on Friday cuz Annie has her opening night for "Annie". I was so looking forward to the potluck. I would even bring 2 buckets of KFC...orginal and extra krispy. And yes...I too always impatiently waited to get to the end of the line (where the buckets always were) only to be extremely disappointed to find the bucket either empty or only the yucky thighs left.

Kristi said...

people - what do you want from me. Look, here's the deal. We used to have potlucks in church basements before there was a programming center online that we had to get approval to use the basement for a potluck. So if I put this on serviceu then i will have to invite the rest of the staff, billy will have to run tech, and the quartet will have to sing. it's your call.

VikingMom said... have a good point.

Kristi's house it is!

VikingMom said...

But then again, we would cover Kurt's pre-requisite of grumpy old men that way.

Or, ooh. We could do it in the old fellowship hall...The TEK House. Hee hee!

To be on the safe side and avoid all conflicts your house is the best bet.

Kristen said...

Kristi, you are very funny. I hope that you make sure to serve the food on paper plates that get really soggy mid-meal. Also, there must be at least one entree made with cream-of-something soup, with Ritz crackers on top. And of course, no jello dish is complete without suspended raisins and shredded carrots.

Heidi said...

So true on the cream-o-mushroom soup. I was thinking of just bringing several kinds of cereal and mixing them together with a little rice, cream of mushroom and cream of celery soups, some frozen peas (we have LOTS of bags of those left over for some reason). jon and laurel - you can add it to your yester-year cookbook collection.

Don said...

Ok, so who's bringing green beans with the Funyums smashed all over the top. With almonds?

Or the Better-Than-Sex chocolate layer pudding dessert?

GOTTA have those.

The guest singers are still a good idea.

Kristi said...

Kristen - seriously. Knowing your background, you suffered COUNTLESS potlucks. You probably even had some of my Grandma's casseroles. God rest her soul.

How crazy is that???!!! Small world.

Jon in HB said...

The Michell four are in. I'm making Tuna Noodle Casserole.

discomommy said...

I am bringing Waldorf Salad (ick!). AND the kids and I WILL be eating before we arrive! We all have food issues. Jon on the other hand will eat some of EVERY dish and even go back for more!

Kristi said...

Uh-Oh. I haven't talked to CT yet...but I know there is a big RETROFEST that weekend happening in the building. I'm thinking there might be a rehearsal on Friday, May 2nd. CONFLICT!!!!

Billy - Curtis??? Fill us in.