Wednesday, April 16, 2008

American Idol Recap.

Last Tuesday I was at American Idol. (sigh.)
Tonight, I watched on tv.

Dave Cook sang that song to me.
I love him. And He cries. Now I love him more.

Brooke...poor Brooke. I have had moments like that when I've been playing piano/singing.
So here's what happened. She got nervous (who wouldn't?) and her hands got ahead of her. She was a chord ahead several times.
It is the most frightening thing ever. She covered it well, but it weakened her performance.
I hope she pulls through.
But tonight might have been it for her.

Lastly, PLEASE people...stop calling in and voting for David Archuletta. I can't take much more.


Heidi said...

i heart david archuletta.

johnsonandjohnson said...

I absolutely loved David Cook's performance...and the crying thing...why is it that we like men more when they cry? It totally got me.

Don said...

Sorry, but I thought both Daves were FINE last night. Of course, big Dave was totally amazing.

AND my girl Carly did me proud. She looked good and sounded terrific. She's enjoying herself, even if she senses her days are numbered.

Brooke? Sadly reminded me of talent night at church camp. I wish she were at our church, tho. She'd be an amazing member of the vocal team!

I think Sayesha is going home tonight. COULD be Christie Lee, but I don't think sol. We'll see.

christie walker said...

Christy Cook has to go.

Brazenlilly said...

THAT is why I stopped playing the piano my senior year of high school. Poor Brooke. Do they have a loop in their monitors? (Is that what it's called?) It seemed she just kept going faster and faster. I think it will be the two Davids.

discomommy said...

So I saw on the news that David was really emotional because his brother was there. His brother is losing his battle with brain cancer. The doctors told him he could not fly commercially because of his health risks so he has never been there to see David sing. So a bunch of community groups in their town got together, hired a nurse, doctor, medic and private plane and flew him out to see his brother perform. So sweet. I too loved his performance.

I too was sad for Brooke and even I, with an untrained ear, heard that she was off from the music a bit and it seemed she was rushing to catch up.

I agree about Archeletta, I am over him (actually I was never into him!)

I also thought Jason did great! I really enjoyed it!

Kristi said...

Heidi...really? Then again, you like Clay Aiken.

Brazenlilly said...

Also, 12:06 am? Kristi. Go. To. Bed.