Saturday, April 5, 2008

Hot Date

The best thing possible for our marriage is alone time. We've really been trying to make room for that the past few months by having a date night. Last night we went to Sushi (shocking I know) and then saw Leatherheads. (Celeste - my review is Strong/Weak in a Way.) It is just so nice to be alone, have adult conversation, and share some always reminds us of the reason we fell in love long ago. It can be costly, but it's well worth it. I'd rather pay a little money (for a babysitter and whatever we do that night) than have a struggling marriage.

If you haven't been alone with your spouse in a while...I highly recommend it. To my friends with kids around here...I'm always up for a co-op. (Taking turns watching each other's kids so we don't have to pay for babysitting.) Let me know!


The Craftypigs said...

Dates are always cheaper than therapy.

I'm motivated. Calling a sitter right now especially since my husband is going to be in NY all next week.

christie walker said...

As someone that is childless (which I am currently loving)
I would be happy to watch the little trouble makers... I mean little angles. They are fun.
Just promise me that you will come back for them.

Sarah B. said...

If you ever need a sitter we are here in HB and love to babysit. Now that Haley and I are like best friends at least one Sun a month I should try and get to know her little sister. :)