Sunday, March 30, 2008

Do You Know Tony Gonzalez?

Perhaps from Oprah's Big Give...or maybe you are a Kansas City Chiefs fan. Anyway...I went to high school with him. And I knew his brother Chris. They look a lot alike. I was downtown HB on Friday. I saw Tony...or maybe it was Chris. Did I mention they look a lot alike? Weird stuff to see people face to face that you see on tv....let alone people you went to school with at one time.

Did you know anyone famous? Go to school with anyone famous? Do tell...


Getting ready for a BBQ with 14 of my closest college friends and ALL our crazy kids. To quote Matt's gonna be "RAD."

Saturday, March 29, 2008

To my mom friends...

Who enjoy a good read....please look at my friend Celeste's blog - it is called CRAFTYPIGS. There is a brilliant story on will get an idea of what an amazing gifted writer this girl is. And...she really is a good mom, in spite of what you read! :o)

Friday, March 28, 2008

Not Happy.

Seriously...what is going on with the Lakers? They need to get it together.

From our house to yours...

Happy Easter. Here are a couple of pictures of our families on Sunday morning. We had 5 amazing Easter Services. I was honored to be a part of them. I am also so blessed to live close to family and be able to spend the holidays with them. Loving it! :o)
While we're talking about important stuff...I got a little worried Saturday morning about what the girls thought Easter was...after trips to the Easter Bunny, eating candy, painting eggs, etc. I wanted to make sure that they really understood what this was all about. So the three of us cuddled up on the couch with a great little book called 'What is Easter?' Before we started reading it, I asked Haley what she thought Easter was...and she said, "It is when Jesus came back to life." My eyes welled up with tears. Once again, she gets it. ANd I don't just credit that to me...I am privileged to be in a family that knows Jesus and loves him...and Haley's grandparents talk to her about Him. I know we are part of an amazing church and that Haley has great teachers in her classes here and she has an awesome preschool teacher -Ms. Ramirez. There are so many important, positive influences that are enriching her life and making sure she knows that she is loved by God and that she is His child. We are blessed.

P.S. We did read the book...a couple times in fact. And even little Lexi yelled JESUS! when we got to the page that had his "picture" on it. There is nothing...absolutely nothing that makes my heart more content then knowing my children are learning about Jesus and that they love him as much as their little hearts are capable of at this age.

Easter Egg Painting

Much to the dismay of Diane Davis, we did not have an Easter Egg hunt this year. I had a hard time getting it together with Rehearsals/Pink Eye Epidemic/Easter Services, Etc...and besides, wasn't Christmas like last week? I'm practically still taking down Christmas decorations. But we did as much Easter Festivitating (my new word combing Festivities/Celebrating) as possible. Here are pics of the girls earlier in the week at Grandma's decorating eggs.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Bachelor

Okay... I have to admit it...I am watching this season of 'The Bachelor.' I can't help it. It's a horrible show, but it's like a bad train wreck that I can't peel my eyes away from. So I tivo it and watch it when I'm folding laundry or doing some mundane task.

So does anyone watch it? I'm assuming not. But if you do, please comment. Come on...I need to know I'm not alone.

I have tried to figure out why I am watching it. What I can't figure out is why any self-respecting woman would go on this show. (You might be wondering why any self-respecting woman would watch it.) I just don't get why anyone would intentionally put herself in a house with over 20 other woman to all try and go after the same guy. I have to believe that a good majority of them just want to be on t.v. Surely that is the case. That would explain why so many of these girls decide to sing, yes SING, to the Bachelor. Girls...can you imagine being on a date and just start breaking out into song to impress your date???? Seriously...there was a girl on there tonight who busted out into "SUMMERTIME" in an operatic style. HORRIFIC. Oh, this just I am watching it, she just got kicked off. Yes, there is justice. Oh, and she is crying. Oh wait, one of the other girls that sang just got kicked off. Okay...good. This guy isn't crazy after all. Oh, but the girl is...she misses her cat. Oh MY GOSH... She can't wait to hear her cat purr again...the cat is the "love of her life."

Okay - please tell me you are starting to see why I am watching this. I guess in the end, it just makes me feel better about myself. I am pathetic.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Fun with Grandma Connie on Easter Morning.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Starbucks Hates Me.

So, as a special treat for all of our weekend volunteers, the church bought everyone a starbucks. It was a 27 drink order. Matt & Christie called ahead to place the order, and I guess they didn't have time to take it, so they stopped them mid-way through and said they would start it when they got to the store.

The report from Matt & Christie was that they weren't too thrilled with our big order.

Proof - I was the last order. I ordered a Venti White Mocha. On my cup, it says WC (code for White Chocolate.) Someone with venom in their heart...someone who must have known I was dreaming about the yummy creamy goodness all morning, crossed out the WC and wrote L (latte) instead. So I had a nasty Venti Latte. My heart was so sad.

Take a look at the evidence.

Did they not know it was Easter?

The Squat.

My husband can SING.... 5 services this weekend and he nailed every one...although he had to do his famous squat pose to get one of the notes out. Hey, whatever works.

My favorite moment...

This is my friend Christie. I stole this picture from her blog from when she was in Hawaii on her honeymoon with Matt. Anyway, Christie is too young to be my friend. She was born in the 80's - HELLO! But, she is just too sweet and too much fun to exclude her merely on her age, so I've decided to let her be my friend. (It sounds like such a privilege...but it is just a silly little rule I have to protect myself from feeling too old) We have since bonded over Lakers, sushi, Lost, and so much more. And besides that, our husbands really get along...maybe too much, but I can't share that story.

I digress...

Christie is a hairstylist and make-up artist. This weekend for Easter, she helped primp us backstage, since we had so many services back to back. It's her ministry.

The morning started off with her blotting my face with a Clean and Clear Blotting Pad. We got into a discussion on the usage of such pads, and then she said, "if you don't have one with you, and you're out at the clubs, a toilet seat cover works just as well." I looked at my friend Heidi (another mom friend my age) and said, "Heidi, let's remember that next time we're out clubbing!"

We couldn't stop laughing. You see, Christie is a super cute, young, tattooed hip girl who would look great at a club...Heidi and I scream "MOM!" and probably wouldn't get let in. No offense Heidi....but I think you're with me on this. :o)

It was a fun moment to start off our day... but hey - as Heidi time we're at the Pediatricians Office, or Wal-Mart, and need to blot...we'll be sure to grab a toilet-seat cover.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

What a beautiful day....

Curtis was home this morning, so we took the kids to Ho Sum Bistro in Newport. Neither of us have been there in years and it did not disappoint. The kids were also BIG fans! Then we went to a park down the road in Balboa. Tough life to have your kids play at the park beside the ocean, I know.

Only bad side of the day....I got "mam'd"... you know, "would you like more water m'am????? while we were at lunch. AAGH!!! I am so old.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Remember When?

We used to like this guy on American Idol?


For the faves this season are Brooke White and David Cook.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Cooking with Kristi

This just in... another fun and healthy (well, kinda) recipe for you and the fam.

(where's the healthy part, you ask?)

Get the leanest meat possible. I bought ours at Trader Joes. 96% lean.
Fries - are not that bad for you when they are baked. I also bought these at Trader Joes, but even Ore-Ida fries from your regular grocery store will do. Bake in the oven and add some Lawry's Seasoning Salt for an extra kick!

So what is original about this? Everyone knows how to do sliders, I know. But try them on Kings Sweet Hawaiian Rolls. They are YUMTASTIC!

It's a fun quick meal that is 100x healthier than getting fast food or even ordering sliders at a restaurant.


This concludes this weeks blogpost of Cooking with Kristi. :o)

A Happy Post.

My blogs have been depressing lately...I'm ready to move on.

This morning, Haley woke up and announced that it was Spring.

In her words...
"Look Mommy, look outside. Do you see all of the beautiful flowers blooming? It is spring. It used to be winter, but now it is spring. Do you like spring Mommy? Do you like the white flowers on our tree...oh, wait, that is our plum tree. Since it is spring, we are going to have plums Mommy. I like plums. I like spring. Do you like Spring? Oh, can I help you make cinnamon rolls?"
(I was pulling cinnamon rolls out of the fridge while she was talking, hence that last statement.)

So, with new flowers, comes new life...and hopefully a much healthier, happier Spring that the winter.

Later on in the morning, I was paying bills, and thought to myself how blessed I was to have the money to pay those bills. So I thought I would just share some other things that I'm thankful for. This list is by no means exhaustive...just the first 10 that come to mind.

1. As mentioned, I am thankful for the financial means to pay our bills.
2. That my family is healthy. They may be sick a lot, but they don't battle with ongoing illnesses (cancer, diabetes, etc.)
3. That we live close to our parents and my sister's family.
4. Thankful for my job and that I'm still passionate about it.
5. For our backyard swing, and the quiet moments I sit with my girls there staring at the sky.
6. For my husband that makes me laugh and whose love for me is so deep, I have never doubted.
7. For my precious circle of friends. A circle that extends beyond the States, but still seems so close.
8. To be able to eat out occasionally and not worry about what to cook or having to clean up.
9. My kids laughing.
10. That my eternity is secure.

What is it that you are thankful for?

Monday, March 17, 2008

Black or White

I was born in Tennessee. I can remember when our principle gathered the whole school together to announce that there would be two "black children," a brother and sister coming to our school. And we were to treat them no differently than we would any other student. I didn't even know what that meant. I knew that black people existed, but I don't think I had ever come into contact with one. I was in 2nd grade. That sounds crazy I suppose. But what must have been crazier is the fact that even at that age, I didn't understand why anyone would ever treat someone different because of the color of their skin. It made no sense to me.

The following week, the brother and sister came to school. The brother was in my class. I befriended him immediately. I guess others didn't....the brother and sister were only at our school for a week. Must've gone somewhere that was more friendly.

Here were are in 2008. Nooses still being hung from trees (Jena 6), lives still threatened by racism, and a would-be president who came so close to the prize, even though many in the country didn't think we were "ready" for a black president, is now being accused of having friends who are racist against whites...or worse, possibly racist himself.

This makes no sense. It will never make sense to me. It is so ungodly. So un-Christlike.

Bruce spoke this weekend about the woman at the well (Bible reference), and one thing I took away was that Jesus himself had no problem seeing through cultural or racial differences. So why can't we?

Tomorrow, Obama is addressing the country about racism. I'm sick today, and have spent a lot of time in bed hearing about this report. I guess that is what spawned this blogpost. I look forward to listening to what he has to say.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

How do you know you married the right guy?

When he cries harder than you did listening to that Steven Curtis Chapman song (written about in post below). I will say if you are a parent of a girl and you aren't in the mood to break down sobbing, don't listen to "Cinderella" by S.C.C. (I know, anything with the title "Cinderella" should have given it away.)

A Modern Day Job...

That is pronounced J (long O) B...from the Bible... Not Job like at Sears.

So, I was called Job a few days ago by Billy...and today by his wife. It has been a rough couple of months for us. Yesterday was a brilliant day. One of the top 5 worst ones ever. Seriously...nothing could go right. Here are some highlights...

1. Woke up sick. Can't breathe...sore throat. It's perfect leading up to Easter. I don't need to sing or anything.
2. Thought we found a new place to live (which would have been cheaper)...find out it's a no go.
3. Lexi has pink eye.
4. Call doctor on call to order prescription over the phone. Okay says the problem. That seems like good news except that she called back and said the doctor can't call in that, I have to take her to urgent care.
5. Awesome. Urgent Care is a 2 hour wait. Oh, and $50. Guess who forgot her wallet? Mom came with me though and had to pay for me. Thanks mom.
6. Go to Juice it Up during that 2 hour wait. The drinks that I gave to Haley and Lex were actually mine and my we drank out of their pink-eye, germ infested cups.
7. Called back to the office. 2 hour wait extends to 30 minutes waiting in the office. All for a 2 minute examination for the doctor to tell me, Oh, she has pink eye. Oh really? SHOCKING.
8. Find out that the ambulance bill from last months events was $1300 for just 1 kid. Sure...we have that.
9. Head to church...Steven Curtis Chapman song comes on...something about dancing with your daughter...I cried the whole way.
10. Find out the worst news of all...we now have to pay the payment for our house in San Clemente....on top of our enormous rent payment for the house here in HB.

We are having a rough time. I know there are so many worse circumstances out there...but this is pretty tough on us. If you can find it in your heart to pray for us...we'd truly appreciate it.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Isn't she cute?

Cute? Yes. But more than cute...CONTAGIOUS!!!! Don't get near her...she has Pink Eye.

Yes, Thank you Dear Lord for thinking I am a strong enough woman to handle all of this. I appreciate the compliment...but let's get real. You know I'm not that strong. You know that Curtis and I need to sleep or we become crazy people. What is UP????

We have been awakened every night for the past week with sweet little visits from Haley at 4 am. We enjoy spending time with our kids - BUT NOT AT 4AM!!! And last night, apparently you decided that since I worked all day, I should be up with Haley from 4am - 6:30am. That was so lovely. But really...I am fine to spend quality time together when the SUN is up! Please...Please...can we have a break? Can we have healthy kids for oh, let me be generous...2 weeks before having to go to the doctor again? Seriously....there is now a VIP parking space for us. We have a reserved seating area in the waiting room, and our doctors are starting to invite us over for BBQ's. It's getting ridiculous.

So sweet, precious Lord...can you find it in your enormous heart to heal my kids and allow Curtis and I at least one good night of sleep? We'd be ever so grateful.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

We are Heroes....

I got Lexi out of the bath tonight and was in her room putting her pj's on, when I heard Haley say:

"Mom, there's a fly in the bathroom."

Me - It's okay...flys won't hurt you.
Haley - It's not a fly, it's a bee.
Me - Okay, I'm coming.

Turns out, it was a hornet...creeping along the bathroom ceiling. Curtis wasn't home, so SuperMom picks Haley up out of the bath.

Mom - Okay...wait in the hall.

Grabbing the only thing nearby...ironically a vocal instruction book that I had not seen since college, I set out to kill the hornet. I climbed on the kids stool and up on the counter so I could reach the critter. BAM! Slammed right into him. Couldn't tell if he was dead, so I grabbed a bottle of Loreal VIVE and started pounding into the book...just to be sure.

He was dead.

When I moved the book, he dropped on me and I screamed.

Haley (still in the hallway) - IS HE DEAD?

Mom - opening the door victoriously...Yes girls...he is gone. Lexi laughed out loud (a little unsure about what was happening.) and Haley clapped. I so rock!

-----5 hours later------

Curtis is concerned about our increasing Hornet Find. He discovers their Nest. It is 10:52 pm...needless to say, dark outside. But Curtis decides to play SuperDad & SuperHusband and sets out to take down their abode.

I suggested he put on Haley's NASA AStronaut Helmet to avoid massive stings (hello...does anyone remember the film 'My Girl' starring one McCauley Culkin???) I digress...

Curtis - I need something to knock it down with.

(Meanwhile, I go wash my face.)

Curtis - (coming into the bathroom) - HELLO? I need your help.

I was assigned the door position... which means to slam it shut after said hornets are chasing after Curtis (you know, like in the movies.)

Curtis is now behind the side of the house near the nest...all I hear is a water hose...then he peeks around the corner and well, let's just say...let's me know he's "concerned". I remind him he's saving all of our lives.

Water hose on...something is thrown...Curtis is running as fast as he can. He's in the house. I slam the door. No hornets followed. We are heroes.

But oh no...Curtis decides to go back out and finish the job. I'm over the drama, so I'm cleaning the kitchen. Decided to start the dishwasher so I go out to the garage to get the dishwashing detergent. When I came back in, I shut the light off...which interestingly enough, happens to be the light on the side of the know, where Curtis is slaying the hornets. I hear him start screaming...well, whispering screaming...and let's just say...well, letting me know he's "MORE CONCERNED".... I think the hornets are stinging him, so I open the door to let him run in, but he is screaming at me to turn the light on... OOPS...MY BAD.

Light turned back on.
Curtis killed hornets.
No stinging ensued.
Saved money on an exterminator.
We are seriously heroes.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Proof in Pictures

My camera made it back from Louisiana...allowed me to download some pics and will not work anymore. So, what is a girl to do without a camera? Go to Disneyland with her friend who is a professional photographer. Amanda and her daughter Mallory joined us at Disney on Thursday (I should say we joined them....since we were our usual tardy selves.) Amanda lives in Nashville, and I have never met her daughter Mallory, so we had fun getting to hang out and play with each other's kids and share mom stories... In the meantime, Amanda took pics of our are a few.

Haley with her new haircut... I know, it doesn't look too bad in this picture - but keep in mind, it is AMAZING what a headband can do!

How I love this little girl....

Look how sweet little Mallory is....and now, look at my kids. What are they doing? You just have to laugh.

Amanda and Mallory left around 2, and I stayed til' 5 by myself with the girls...we had such a fun day!!!!

Friday, March 7, 2008

World Water Day


Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I'm confused...


Is Randy Jackson my daughter? Today at the park, I found a piece of glass on the ground. I told Haley she needed to be careful, and she said, "Good lookin' out Mom....Good lookin' out." I had to laugh.

P.S. If you don't watch American Idol...I apologize that you have no idea what I am talking about.
P.P.S. My camera is broken...hence the old pic of Haley and the reason for no new pics of the said "haircut."

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


My husband has been gone for 3.2 hours.

My daughter has since refused to take a nap and instead opted to cut her BANGS!!!!!! Mom is not happy.

Monday, March 3, 2008


Is it bad when your 1 1/2 year old touches your belly and says "ooohh..." in the same tone she uses when I change her dirty diaper - obviously thoroughly disgusted?

I will say that she canceled that comment out today in the grocery store when she grabbed my head, played with my hair and said "pridy." I asked her again what she said since I have never heard her use that word before, and again she said "pridy". I think she said pretty. I almost cried. It was the sweetest thing ever.... unless she was saying "PITY."

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Still in Vegas....

We have such wonderful friends....Tonight, they had a kareoke party in our honor. There were 20 people that came fun! We had a great dinner, conversation, and fun with kareoke. I (who despise Kareoke) even got up to sing. It was fun!

So, I guess this blog is just to say how blessed I am that God gave us such wonderful friends....there is nothing like a group of people that you can catch up with as if no time has elapsed. I think the connection between us is so close because most of us served together at the church when we were here. We spent so many hours together, working, serving, laughing, loving, crying. We've been through a lot...some good, some bad. But we all know there is so much more to life and that this life we have been given is a lot more fun when we go through it together... I'm just so thankful....