Sunday, March 30, 2008

Do You Know Tony Gonzalez?

Perhaps from Oprah's Big Give...or maybe you are a Kansas City Chiefs fan. Anyway...I went to high school with him. And I knew his brother Chris. They look a lot alike. I was downtown HB on Friday. I saw Tony...or maybe it was Chris. Did I mention they look a lot alike? Weird stuff to see people face to face that you see on tv....let alone people you went to school with at one time.

Did you know anyone famous? Go to school with anyone famous? Do tell...


Diane Davis said...

uh, duh. tony gonzales is only one of the best tight ends in the NFL. he's a sure thing for TE fantasy football points. seriously.

hmmm.... i don't really know anyone famous. david wilcox is a HOF (hall of famer) that played for the 49ers and i went to school with his kids. in my wild and crazy days, i was at a party and i told someone this story and the guy went and got one of those mcdonalds looking glasses with david wilcox on it. at the time it was super funny, but then again, i think i was high.

i'll have to think of a better story. remember i'm from small town junction city oregon, population 3,000!

BTW... i want to see pictures of old friends from the BBQ!!! :)

Heidi said...

You. I know you. You're famous. You know more people than anyone alive.

discomommy said...

Mine are all one too amazing

In high school my dad lived 3 houses from Kevin Costner and my friend used to baby sit his kids.

My grandma's uncle was Frank Capra.

I grew up in the same town Michael Gross and some guy from MASH lived in (oh Jon is going to kill me for forgetting his name).

My dad was the mobility instructor for Rocky Dennis (the real guy from the movie Mask with Cher)

My youngest sister goes to school with the twins from Everybody
Loves Raymond.

My sister-in-law's best friend is married to a famous TV director.

Do you see where I am going with this??? I have nothing good!

Kristi said...

oooh....i have another good one... i went to school with Stephanie J.Block...she is Elphiba in WICKED on Broadway.

Jon in HB said...

I went to the same high school as Rod Woodson and Vaughn Dunbar (both former NFL players) although we did not attend at the same time.

I went to school and had the same acting coach as child actor Jared Rushton (Tom Hanks best friend in BIG)

Gina coached the son of some rock star dude in soccer last year and our son goes to school with the son of a member of Korn.

I used to wait tables with the girl that played Punky Brewster's snobby white friend.

I did a show with Dan Monohan (Pee Wee from the Pork's movies).

I've waited on Minnie Driver, Sugar Ray Leonard, Dennis Rodman and Lisa Turtle from Saved by the Bell (not at the same table, that would have been weird).

Sarah B. said...

Did you know that Tony Gonzalez just bought a house here in HB from one of our church members....very nice house. Tony Parrish (football player, never got too big) and Craig Wilson (baseball player, never got too big) both went to Jr High and High School with. In fact Tony was just at our Easter service at church and he got my sister and I confused. Well he remembered my name...he was like "Sarah, wow, was hoping to see you here. Sorry I never called you back but I got your message like months ago and you mentioned me wanting to sign something." I was like "Yea, no, that was my sister, the sports fan but thanks for getting my name right."

I Heart Genesis said...

come over for dinner soon. we have to plan something. maybe next sunday .. or next lakers game.

Sid said...

Yeah Tony Gonzalez is one of the coolest NFL players out there, he is not about being all flashy, he actually cares to give back. He has his own foundation which helps young kids.
And now he is involved in a new social network
which is like a myspace for sport fans. He is giving away autographed stuff as well.
Tony Rocks!!

Anonymous said...

kobe is my best friend.

Billy said...

I know Jesus. The Famous One. You know, the Lord of all?

Leslie said...

I went to school with an Alternative artist named Benton Paul. He lived a couple of streets over and he got really big when he went on tour with David Archuleta. They only famous sports person that I know is Jackson Emery who I went to high school with too. Sometimes we keep in touch through different sports social networks.