Friday, March 28, 2008

Easter Egg Painting

Much to the dismay of Diane Davis, we did not have an Easter Egg hunt this year. I had a hard time getting it together with Rehearsals/Pink Eye Epidemic/Easter Services, Etc...and besides, wasn't Christmas like last week? I'm practically still taking down Christmas decorations. But we did as much Easter Festivitating (my new word combing Festivities/Celebrating) as possible. Here are pics of the girls earlier in the week at Grandma's decorating eggs.


Diane Davis said...

They painted eggs? That TOTALLY counts! You get a free pass this year on the hunt. ;)

Love the family pictures up top too. I was laughing watching the video of Lexi "helping" your mom with the Easter cake on your dad's site. Too cute.

Nice new blog layout!

Love you!


Diane Davis said...

PS... I know I'm a lurker, but I like lots of your friend's blogs (love Heidi and her family) so please post the links again! :)

Heidi said...

Awwww, shucks Diane! :) And I must admit - I'm a lurker too... In fact I commented about that on Kristi's other Easter post.

Diane Davis said...

I just had to look up to see the another blog I enjoy (from your dad's site). It is Disco Mommy. I have never heard of Leprechauns visting homes and I've told about ten people about what happened in their home with the green pee, rearranged furniture, and laundry all over the house. No one else in my circles has heard of this either. Honestly, I had maternal instinct moment of wanting kids after I heard that story!