Monday, March 24, 2008

My favorite moment...

This is my friend Christie. I stole this picture from her blog from when she was in Hawaii on her honeymoon with Matt. Anyway, Christie is too young to be my friend. She was born in the 80's - HELLO! But, she is just too sweet and too much fun to exclude her merely on her age, so I've decided to let her be my friend. (It sounds like such a privilege...but it is just a silly little rule I have to protect myself from feeling too old) We have since bonded over Lakers, sushi, Lost, and so much more. And besides that, our husbands really get along...maybe too much, but I can't share that story.

I digress...

Christie is a hairstylist and make-up artist. This weekend for Easter, she helped primp us backstage, since we had so many services back to back. It's her ministry.

The morning started off with her blotting my face with a Clean and Clear Blotting Pad. We got into a discussion on the usage of such pads, and then she said, "if you don't have one with you, and you're out at the clubs, a toilet seat cover works just as well." I looked at my friend Heidi (another mom friend my age) and said, "Heidi, let's remember that next time we're out clubbing!"

We couldn't stop laughing. You see, Christie is a super cute, young, tattooed hip girl who would look great at a club...Heidi and I scream "MOM!" and probably wouldn't get let in. No offense Heidi....but I think you're with me on this. :o)

It was a fun moment to start off our day... but hey - as Heidi time we're at the Pediatricians Office, or Wal-Mart, and need to blot...we'll be sure to grab a toilet-seat cover.


Sarah B. said...

Ok..I just laughed out loud for like 5 min and almost wet my pants because it is oh so true...wish I was there to witness that one.
Sarah B(ruce)

Heidi said...

That was indeed quite a moment... It totally reminded me of an I Love Lucy episode where Lucy & Ethel go to Charm School. The lady who runs the school tells Lucy that she needs to wear a different powder on her face because the one she's wearing makes her look all white and pasty. Lucy responds:

"I'm not wearing powder."

wamp, wamp...

KT - let's be Lucy and Ethel for Halloween.

And to Christie Walker - I love you to death - you are truly one of my favorite people.

Brazenlilly said...

HA! I'm laughing out loud too! Oh, the clubs. Good times. You know, I wasn't sure I wanted to be friends with you and Jaime at first...I thought you were too pretty. True story! And there was some story about you thinking someone else was "foxy," but we won't get into that, Muffin.

Diane Davis said...

just make sure it doesn't get stuck in the back of your pants for the world to see!

christie walker said...

First of all. You and Heidi are totally hot moms. You guys could totally get into a club.

Second of all, I have been to a club twice in the last year. And I was home and in bed by 11pm. I am no longer a "clubber"

I love you and Heidi so much!

We should go out to a club.... ok maybe somewhere with an early bird special for you and Heidi. I am SO kidding :)