Friday, March 28, 2008

From our house to yours...

Happy Easter. Here are a couple of pictures of our families on Sunday morning. We had 5 amazing Easter Services. I was honored to be a part of them. I am also so blessed to live close to family and be able to spend the holidays with them. Loving it! :o)
While we're talking about important stuff...I got a little worried Saturday morning about what the girls thought Easter was...after trips to the Easter Bunny, eating candy, painting eggs, etc. I wanted to make sure that they really understood what this was all about. So the three of us cuddled up on the couch with a great little book called 'What is Easter?' Before we started reading it, I asked Haley what she thought Easter was...and she said, "It is when Jesus came back to life." My eyes welled up with tears. Once again, she gets it. ANd I don't just credit that to me...I am privileged to be in a family that knows Jesus and loves him...and Haley's grandparents talk to her about Him. I know we are part of an amazing church and that Haley has great teachers in her classes here and she has an awesome preschool teacher -Ms. Ramirez. There are so many important, positive influences that are enriching her life and making sure she knows that she is loved by God and that she is His child. We are blessed.

P.S. We did read the book...a couple times in fact. And even little Lexi yelled JESUS! when we got to the page that had his "picture" on it. There is nothing...absolutely nothing that makes my heart more content then knowing my children are learning about Jesus and that they love him as much as their little hearts are capable of at this age.


Heidi said...

So I totally dig on the new look of your blog, but what happen to all your links? Are you ending my career as a serial blog stalker??? You're like the social epicenter of the blogoshpere. According to Google Analytics, like half of traffic to my blog comes from your site!

Don said...

Hey KT...

What a precious post. I hadn't heard you tell about reading the Jesus book with the girls. That's so cool--especially Haley knowing the real point of the day.

And kudos to LexiLou for the "Jesus" shout!

LOVE the new look. Yep, Heidi's right--you do need to incorporate those links. I hope this template will allow them!

Love you!