Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A Happy Post.

My blogs have been depressing lately...I'm ready to move on.

This morning, Haley woke up and announced that it was Spring.

In her words...
"Look Mommy, look outside. Do you see all of the beautiful flowers blooming? It is spring. It used to be winter, but now it is spring. Do you like spring Mommy? Do you like the white flowers on our tree...oh, wait, that is our plum tree. Since it is spring, we are going to have plums Mommy. I like plums. I like spring. Do you like Spring? Oh, can I help you make cinnamon rolls?"
(I was pulling cinnamon rolls out of the fridge while she was talking, hence that last statement.)

So, with new flowers, comes new life...and hopefully a much healthier, happier Spring that the winter.

Later on in the morning, I was paying bills, and thought to myself how blessed I was to have the money to pay those bills. So I thought I would just share some other things that I'm thankful for. This list is by no means exhaustive...just the first 10 that come to mind.

1. As mentioned, I am thankful for the financial means to pay our bills.
2. That my family is healthy. They may be sick a lot, but they don't battle with ongoing illnesses (cancer, diabetes, etc.)
3. That we live close to our parents and my sister's family.
4. Thankful for my job and that I'm still passionate about it.
5. For our backyard swing, and the quiet moments I sit with my girls there staring at the sky.
6. For my husband that makes me laugh and whose love for me is so deep, I have never doubted.
7. For my precious circle of friends. A circle that extends beyond the States, but still seems so close.
8. To be able to eat out occasionally and not worry about what to cook or having to clean up.
9. My kids laughing.
10. That my eternity is secure.

What is it that you are thankful for?


Brazenlilly said...

YOU! I'm thankful for you and your vulnerability and honesty and graciousness and strength through a rough winter. You are a great friend, a wonderful wife and mother and a true minister--both in and out of your day job. I can't wait to hug you in person. That's another thing I'm thankful for.

christie walker said...

I am here for you through the good and the bad.... a happy post is a good change of pace.

If I were to write about what I am thankful for it would take pages and pages and I think my fingers would fall off. (which would be bad cuz I couldn't do hair)

Simply put, I am so thankful for my life. All of it. God has been so very good to me.

Chris said...

Um... yeeaah. I didn't see "chris cox" on that list. Just saying.

Heidi said...

I love your posts - whether they're good or bad; I'm happier when the posts are happier because that means YOU'RE happier and that makes me happier.

Whoa - I feel dizzy.

I'm thankful for so many things. Not the least of which is having a friend like you who reminds us all of the importance of being grateful. I love that we're friends.

I am looking forward to the coffee too... Say the word and we're there.

Lyn said...

So many things. . .
1. My 3 beautiful granddaughters and their parents and for every minute I get to spend with them
2. My dear, kind, loving husband
3. The heritage of Christian parents and grandparents
4. My Savior
5. Answered prayer!
6. Good health
7. Wonderful friends
8. Sunshine (and the opportunity to live in California)
9. Daylight Savings Time
10. Easter (and Spring - me, too, Haley!)
11. A good job so I can pay MY bills (speaking of. . .better get to work!)