Thursday, March 20, 2008

What a beautiful day....

Curtis was home this morning, so we took the kids to Ho Sum Bistro in Newport. Neither of us have been there in years and it did not disappoint. The kids were also BIG fans! Then we went to a park down the road in Balboa. Tough life to have your kids play at the park beside the ocean, I know.

Only bad side of the day....I got "mam'd"... you know, "would you like more water m'am????? while we were at lunch. AAGH!!! I am so old.


Don said...

Well, daughter, no one's asked you if you want the "senior's discount" yet, so be thankful!

I remember when I started teaching the year you were born. People older than me were calling me "Mister" and "Sir." Just assume you had a very polite waitress.


VikingMom said...

Welcome to the Ma'am club. It's a club where you get a thrill when they ask to see your ID. Of course, they only ask to see your ID because they want to see how you react!

discomommy said...

Oh...I hate that word. But we are in our 30's now so most college kids think we are OLD! I think 30's is fabulous!

Oh and Ho Sum...LOVE it! Haven't been there in at least 10 years though.

Heidi said...

I wonder if the same people who work there also work at my Starbucks.