Saturday, March 8, 2008

Proof in Pictures

My camera made it back from Louisiana...allowed me to download some pics and will not work anymore. So, what is a girl to do without a camera? Go to Disneyland with her friend who is a professional photographer. Amanda and her daughter Mallory joined us at Disney on Thursday (I should say we joined them....since we were our usual tardy selves.) Amanda lives in Nashville, and I have never met her daughter Mallory, so we had fun getting to hang out and play with each other's kids and share mom stories... In the meantime, Amanda took pics of our are a few.

Haley with her new haircut... I know, it doesn't look too bad in this picture - but keep in mind, it is AMAZING what a headband can do!

How I love this little girl....

Look how sweet little Mallory is....and now, look at my kids. What are they doing? You just have to laugh.

Amanda and Mallory left around 2, and I stayed til' 5 by myself with the girls...we had such a fun day!!!!


Heidi said...

The pictures are beautiful - and I love the hair. :) I know it probably wasn't you had planned, but she looks adorable!

christie walker said...

Love the "bangs"
and lexie is so cute i wanna bite her face

Don said...

Great pictures! I especially like the one of you and the girls in the Dumbo. That would look nice on a dad's/grandpa's desk! hint hint

VikingMom said...

Amanda took some great pictures of you and your fam. I had to laugh at the one with Lexi and Haley playing in line. Aaron use to play with the railing like that until got his head stuck while waiting for Casey jr. It cause brief panic, but all turned out well in the end. Ah. The memories our kids leave with us!