Monday, September 15, 2008

We Welcome You Now...

I'm not good with birthdays, anniversaries, or remembering dates of any kind. I tend to procrastinate in everything I do...including adding names to my blogroll even though I read these people's blogs all the time. I hope that they aren't insecure like me - and look over to make sure my name is on their blogroll (assuming of course that if it isn't...I'm not really their friend.) Sad. I know. But true.

So today...I am taking the time to roll out the red carpet and to have my greeter (let's call him Sal) welcome these new friends to the sure to check them out. (They are listed in Alphabetical Order...not by the friends I like the most to the case you were wondering.)

Jen W.
Lisa P.
Mandy Bo Bandy
My friend Rachel
Robbie P.
Sarah T.
Stephie S.

Enjoy reading. And as Sal would say "Have a nice day."


SingingShrink said...

I made the blogroll...Yaaaaaaay!

Heidi said...

I want to know why Rachel gets to be "My friend Rachel", Billy and Laurel are "Da Bakers", JD is the "Jaded one", Jon is "JonMoney", then there's "Mandy Bo Bandy" and "Ms. Ford", I could go on....

And then there's me. "Heidi"

Boooring. I'm feeling slightly jipped that I didn't get a fancy name.


Kristi said...

Oh...there is good reason for every nickname.

JonMoney - his email

JD - read his explains it.

Ms. Ford - cause I didn't want to write her first name.

Da Bakers- cuz at the time I was watching SNL when they had Da Bulls / Da Bears sketch on.

Rachel - cause she was my friend JJ's girlfriend before she was my friend. But now she and I are truly friends. eVen if this JJ thing doesn't work out! :o)

Mandy Bo's just fun to say.

And Heidi...cuz you are Heidi. And I like your name. It's very Swedish and cute. But if you still need a fancy name, I'm sure I can come up with something.

Heidi said...

All is well. Now I will be able to sleep tonight.

Brazenlilly said...

Would "Heidi Bo Beidi" be too repetetive?

Diane Davis said...

so were you just too exhausted to type out my whole name? It could be worse, Heidi... you could be just plain ol HE.

Erin said...

I think he looks more like a Henry. Just thought you should know. Thanks for blogging...your family is adorable.

Stephanie said...

Ok, I admit it..I'm one of the insecure ones who looks for my name. I feel much better now. :)
Your picture of "Sal" cracked me up!

Sarah said...

Thanks for the shout out. :)

Although, I must say I was hoping for a post about your neighborhood Wal Mart greeter. Because our Wal Mark greeter looks remarkably like your photo ... and my kids adore him. And on two different occasions he prayed for me when I was pregnant.
I'm going to have to take my camera with me next time we go to Wal Mart ... then blog about it.

All the same, thanks. And I will have to check if you're on my blog roll - I can't remember. If you're not, it's only because I'm lazy and forgetful. :)

discomommy said...

I was so excited to get some new Blogs to stalk! I am especially excited about Robbie because I know him and Mandy because I see her singing at church and have always thought "I wonder what her name is. She is good!"

World of Wright said...

Heidi Aphrodite!

Rachel said...

I am so honored. I'm glad we are real friends:o).