Sunday, September 14, 2008

Haley's 1st Day.

Back to school. Back to schedules. Back to peace.

Haley started school on Monday. Here are some pics...

I had to drive I pulled up beside her and took this picture.

Hugs before saying goodbye.

Lexi wanted to hug "sissy" too.

Saying hello to her teacher "Mrs. Forsberg".

I'm a little suspicious of this pic. She seems a little too happy to be leaving Mom. Look at that embrace. And what the picture doesn't tell is that it went on for over a minute. Hmmmm....I think she was whispering in her ear "Thank you for rescuing me from that boring mom of mine." Who knows?

But we are thrilled with her teacher. She sent a note to the parents about her plans/dreams for the year, and sent an individual note to Haley which is so is hanging on our fridge. It looks like the 4 year old class will be much more of a "challenge" since she has already come home with homework!

We're off to a good start. Looking forward to what the year has to bring!


AMankin said...

yeah for a great first day!! I live in hope that someday that will be us.

The Craftypigs said...

Yea, I dropped of my kid and after Colin was done hugging the teacher, I hugged her too!

The Craftypigs said... hug was longer!

Diane Davis said...

yeah, that's totally a "save me" kind of hug. too funny.

World of Wright said...

Wait until you forget they had homework. Then you get a note from the teache and you feel like an idiot. Don't worry get used to feeling like an idiot after a while.

The Mama's said...

Oh my gosh. That hug looks like a reunion show on Oprah. She is serious about that teacher.

Sarah said...

I'm thinking there were many hugs going on there ...

very sweet!