Friday, September 12, 2008

Breath of Fresh Air.

10 years ago, I met a girl named Jen Smith at college. She got married and changed her name to Jen White...and I never saw her again. But through this whole blog world and Facebook business, we have reunited (and it feels so good.) Last week, she came down to Huntington Beach and we spent a fabulous morning at the park and then walked downtown to have lunch. She brought me my favorite cup of coffee and in turn, I wanted to buy her lunch. So we get to our favorite BBQ joint "Mo's" and I announce to her that I will be buying lunch. She TOTALLY fell for it. I had left my wallet in the car (on purpose of course) so I could get free lunch. Okay, not really.... I was HORRIFIED!

But we had a great time together....talking over our pasts, thinking about the future, discussing politics, kids, dreams, and life. It was great. There were moments when I was looking at her and thinking how special it was to have someone that I knew so briefly come back into my life and my kids' lives. Here are some pics of the day....

Thanks for such a fun day Jen!!!


Brazenlilly said...

Yeah! I'm so happy you guys have connected. I knew you both well at different times, and am thrilled to know you are blessing each other 10 years later!

The Unlikely Pastor's Wife said... made me teary. I am so hormonal ;)
But are you kidding me? it was such a fun day, and I can say with such honesty, that I treasured our time together. Your girls are adorable, Mo's is soooo yummy, and our conversation was so refreshing.

Amazing how God does stuff like that ;)
Lets do it again soon......