Sunday, September 21, 2008

Pissed at Politics

It's wearing me out. Let me summarize my frustrations.

1. Both sides lie.
2. If they would take the money they have spent on their campaigns so far, they could put it towards helping the poor, rebuilding Louisiana/Texas, providing more healthcare...etc., you know...the stuff they say they "care about". But instead, they use it on themselves. There has GOT to be a better way.
3. I hate the way it divides our country.
4. I HATE the way it divides my friends and they way people try to make you feel stupid if you don't vote for their candidate.
5. Even though both campaigns said they were going to run a "different campaign" is still negative. I'm over it.
6. I'm saddened that people don't know the facts on either candidate but will vote for who is the "most popular" in their circles.

There is an interesting website I came across called
It is bipartisan. Both sides get called out. Check it out. It's rather depressing to see how much the truth is stretched....or just not told at all.

So, as much as I like the excitement of politics...I am just worn out. Worn out with both candidates. Worn out with the drama.

And I don't know if either one of these guys can fix the mess we are in right now.


Kristen said...

I agree!!

Mark and I were just talking about how we have never seen so many people have so little objectivity. People are so polarized and seemingly so blindly faithful.

Yep. They both lie. I am cynical of the whole bunch!!

VikingMom said...

I'm in your camp in this one. I'm getting tired of all the drama these days. Thanks for the link.

Sarah B. said...

Amen Sista!

Diane Davis said...

I agree too. Surprised? I get so tired off all the spin. I am interested in watching the debates, but other than that I'm done.

I'm especially tired of having the little faith I have questioned by Christians who know everything. I've got a couple of facebook messages from people we went to school with that think they heard the voice of God telling them to school me on how wrong I am. I am tired of it all. And I only wrote this paragraph because it is very much NOT you... I've enjoyed our chats.

Good post.

Don said...

I said three months ago I might not vote this year. I lean toward a candidate only because I think he SHOULD or MIGHT do a certain thing. But any more, it's so hard to know who to trust or what governmental priorities really SHOULD be....particularly from the perspective of what it truly "right." (And I don't mean that politically.) I think either way we go, we're in for a rough rough ride--both before and after the election. Especially after.

SingingShrink said...

I've been thinking lately, isn't Ralph Nader running again? Maybe we should all just vote for him? Is Ron Paul still running? :)

World of Wright said...

If the Thunder Cats were in charge, none of this would be happening right now!

The Unlikely Pastor's Wife said...

Seriously- I completely agree with you. The Conventions came and went and out went my enthusiasm for either candidate. Paul said to me 2 weeks ago that he was done. He was tuning out the election. He was tired of it all. Makes me sad that the anyone who campaigns still can't rise to the occasion.

Maybe I will checkout the debates.....but I am exhausted thinking about it.

Thanks for the link. I'll check it out. I was getting a headache trying to keep up with who was telling the whole truth.

:-( bummer......Obama had I am back in the middle not caring.

Chris Cox said...

I completely agree. Government cannot fix our problems. They are the problem.

edie said...

Couldn't agree more! Sadly, I've realized that politics tends to bring out the worst in me. Aside from the debates, I've decided to tune out all politics for the next month. One week down and it feels good.: )