Saturday, September 20, 2008

Mountain People.

Our family tradition with Curtis' parents is to go to Oak Glen every year during apple season. We usually wait until October, but went a little earlier this year. It is such a great escape to a more quiet way of life. I love it.

Here's a glimpse of our day through pictures.

Every trip begins with the honorary visit to Bob's Big Boy.

Unfortunately, the U-Pick Apple Farms were closed. So we made alternative plans. We stopped into this farm where we sampled the apples & the cider.

Tired out from all that sampling, we had cider and apple cider doughnuts. We headed out to a picnic table and enjoyed the cool breeze under the chestnut tree. And even I made the exception to the doughnut rule for this one....YUM!

Since we couldn't pick apples, we picked Raspberries. This was the most delightful part of the whole trip.

Haley was my "picking partner"...but I'm quite certain we ate more than we picked.

"Fruits of our Labor"

Of course, no visit is complete without an apple turnover.


VikingMom said...

Okay, seriously...this post made me hungry.

The Craftypigs said...

I wanna go....

Sarah B. said...

I haven't been to Oak Glen since HS...we are going to have to make a trip. The pictures made me hungry too.

discomommy said...

These are the types of experiences that makes me tremendously miss having preschool aged children. I am so glad you got to enjoy this tradition with your in-laws. Looks like a fun and YUMMY day!

johnsonandjohnson said... not to crash the templeton family tradition...but yes, crashing...I would love to do that with you guys sometime!

Heidi said...

So fun.... It brought back lots of memories; visiting there with friends and working up there when I was in high school. And, like Jen, we would love to go together some time! We should get a big caravan going

Don said...

Don't know how I missed this glad I finally found it. Great pictures.... Where were you in the pics?...don't remember seeing one of you.

Such fun pictures.

And Jennifer...I've always wanted to do that too. We'll have to start our own little tradition next year!!!!