Saturday, September 13, 2008

McDonalds is LAME.

WARNING - if you are Ronald not read this. I might hurt your feelings.

The last time I remember liking McDonalds was when I worked at Benetton @ South Coast Plaza and used to eat the 2 Cheeseburger Meal (minus the meat) during my lunch break. That was 15 years ago. Yes, I'm old.

To my credit, I gave Mickey D's a shot out a few months back about their Premium Iced Coffee. I thought it was good. But the overwhelming smell of grease in the drive-thru whist picking up my coffee started to turn me off. Then I was reminded with every sip out of that big, giant straw that it was a drink from McDonalds. There is nothing premium about McDonalds.

So I got this order to reach out to the Starbucks connoisseur such as myself (he hem...said in that uppity British tone)...they should change the straw to make it more aligned with a Starbucks straw...thin and ONE color (not the big ol' white straw with red and yellow stripes.) I mean come on, I am a grown-up now...drinking coffee and I deserve a grown-up straw.

So I thought I should email this brilliant idea to McDonalds. I go on their website to look for a place to send them my idea, and look what I found:

Thank you for your interest to share an idea for a product or service that you believe would be beneficial to McDonald's. Please know, however, that it is McDonald's company's policy not to consider unsolicited ideas from anyone other than our corporate employees, franchise owners and dedicated suppliers.

As a result, we must decline your invitation to review your idea, and hope you can understand and appreciate our business reasons for making this company decision. We do, however, greatly appreciate your interest in McDonald's.

Um, HELLO? Whatever happened to customer service???'s back to Starbucks where they listen to my ideas and have a skinny straw. It's worth the extra $2.


MyOhMy said...

This is a funny post... I was just thinking today that McD's was LAME as well... that is so weird. And by the way ... I think a "grown up straw" is a fabulous idea - you should tell an owner/operator your idea and have them pass it along. OK sidenote: I too enjoyed the iced coffee the first few times I tried it and was most pleased about the cost, but the last 2 times the milk was a little sour - um gross!!!

johnsonandjohnson said...

That is super lame. You would think that with a company as big as McD's they would want to know what the consumer wants. I can't believe that they would have that on their website---can't they just make you feel like someone is listening?

discomommy said...

It's a conspiracy. They take the ideas then patent them as their own. Money hungry little boogers.

Brazenlilly said...

I guess because they are so big, they don't care if someone boycotts them or they turn customers off b/c they have plenty more. But secretly, I was a little jealous, b/c when I was working at a church and we got so many nasty comments, sometimes I wished we could have had something like that in the bulletin. Just sometimes.

Jon in HB said...

I think you've used a watered down version of McD's statement to me once or twice when I've commented on your blog.

The Craftypigs said...

I love that you first of all thought that McDs might cares to know what you think. Second, I love that you even give a crap what your straw looks like in the first place. You're just too sophisticated for McDs honey. You need Starbucks. They're your friends. And at $3.95 a drink, they HAVE to care what you think. Works for everyone.