Friday, September 5, 2008

How I Really Feel about Sarah Palin.

4 years ago, my boss sat in my office and told me that I should think about taking a different job because he was "going in a different direction and wanted a man (that played guitar) in my role." I was 6 months pregnant at the time.

That opened my eyes to the harsh reality of this world. As a woman, I believe we should have the same opportunities as any man. We obviously do not.

After Hillary's speech at the DNC and after the introduction of Sarah Palin as the Vice-Presidential Candidate, I knew instantly that the world would be different for my daughters and I was overcome with emotions. I'm still working through those.

Please let me state here...that I am not a Republican nor am I a Democrat. I am registered independent and my intentions are not for this blog to lean towards one party or one candidate. Quite frankly, I have no idea who I am voting for. I'm not convinced either way.

With that said...I am amazed at the comments I have heard on t.v., on blogs, and in actual conversation on how Sarah Palin should not run for V.P. because she is a mother and she has kids that have issues.

I happen to like the fact that she is a mother and has kids that have issues. I am a mother and I have kids with issues. And I like seeing someone on the ticket that I can relate to. I may not agree with all of her platform issues...but I believe in her. And I believe that she has the right to pursue anything she desires. Just as Obama, Biden, and McCain do.

What Sarah and Todd have chosen to do may seem unconventional to many. But it is their decision. Is she putting herself before her family? I have no idea. Only she does. I would imagine this decision was discussed in great length - pros and cons - with her family. And obviously, they decided that for this season, this was what they should do.

What I absolutely do not get are the questions that pertain to how she will handle being a VP and a mother? She has a husband who is willing to stay at home with the children, but I guess that is not good enough. Not one person has questioned how Obama will handle being the president with his children, and everyone PRAISES Biden for taking the Amtrak home to his family each night...but Sarah Palin is questioned and ridiculed for thinking she could be both the Vice President and a mother.

Is it because she is Republican? Are Republican women supposed to stay home, homeschool their kids, and teach Sunday School? There seems to be a double standard here, because there is a strong outcry from Democratic Pundits on how is she going to get this done. Of course, I understand that. Both sides are looking for any reason to cast doubt on the opposing team.

I have no doubt that being a Vice-President and being a mother will be a challenge. I think it is a challenge that exists in the life of women all over this country. I have dealt with it since my daughter's birth. I LOVE my kids. But I LOVE working. I am energized by it. I'm passionate about it. I think I am a better person because of it. And there are often days when I wish I could work more. In my line of work, I see the potential of changed lives because of what I get to do and that fills me with determination. I have a feeling that Sarah Palin feels the same way.

Unlike my experience four years ago, I love that McCain sat in a room with Sarah Palin and said, "I think you should take a different job...I'm going in a different direction and I want a woman in this role."


The Unlikely Pastor's Wife said...

Well written Kristi and I love how you bookended your post :)

I didn't want to like Palin.....and I do. For many of the same reasons you do....and as we talked about yesterday reasons why I don't agree with some of her platforms. But, I have to say McCain made an excellent choice. She has the cojones to go up against those old Whitey's....and even if their ticket doesn't win......that woman not only has my respect...... but gives me hope for "the every day woman".

P.S. I hope my "friends' comment didn't spark the blog....he's been reprimanded and sent to his room ...and now that his attitude has been changed.....has been let out :) hee hee

Diane Davis said...

really really great post, KT.

VikingMom said...

I totally agree with you. I was all teared up when I saw her speech, not because of content, but because she was there--strong, proud, doing what she loved with her family behind her. She wasn't the stereotype republican WASP and has the obvious strength to stand up for what she wants.

If they don't win...I can definitely see her running on her on in 2012.

jlhowerton said...

My daughter walked in during Palin's speech and said, "mama, is that a girl running for President?"

I said, "Yes, baby. You can to, if you want."

I don't agree with 90% of the content of her speech. But, love that a woman's on the ticket. Probably not voting GOP, but pleased with history being made.

jlhowerton said...

My daughter walked in during Palin's speech and said, "mama, is that a girl running for President?"

I said, "Yes, baby. You can to, if you want."

I don't agree with 90% of the content of her speech. But, love that a woman's on the ticket. Probably not voting GOP, but pleased with history being made.

Kristi said...

Jodie - after my daughter was done soothing my "happy tears", I explained that she too could be president one day. She tilted her head to the side, looked at me and said, "No mom...I'm way to shy to be the president." Oh least she has the option now! :)

Rhonda said...

Kristi - I was blown away by your blog on Palin, and extremely impressed with what you said! I understand where you are coming from, and praise you for putting your thoughts out there about it! I still think you should write professionally!!!! hmmmmmm.....Kristie Templeton 2012???? :-)

Heidi said...

Rhonda - you're BRILLIANT!! Kristi will totally have my vote in 2012!

And to you, Miss Kristi. I love that you share what's really going on with you; not what you think people want to hear. I admire that a great deal.

edie said...

I like Palin and respect what she is doing. I disagree with her on almost all the issues I've researched but still, I'm glad she's on the ticket.

I can't help but wonder if women were having the same type of reactions when Geraldine Ferraro was on the national ticket. Were women feeling inspired? Feeling that the glass ceiling had been broken? And yet, it's been 24 years since a woman has been back in the presidential race and it certainly hasn't been because of a lack of qualified candidates. My hope is that we won't have that kind of drought again and that the inspiration that Palin (and Hillary) seem to have created is lasting. It's certainly been too long.

Sarah said...

Well said, Kristi. Thanks for handling such a sensitive topic so well, and for gracefully sharing your personal experience with it.

Dawn said...

Kristi, what a fantastic post. I had no idea you are such a great writer...passionate, well zcthought out, motivating.

Looking forward to reading more :)

Dawn [nicole baldwin]