Thursday, June 12, 2008

Update on the Seal.

The Seal was Haley. The seal is Haley. She is a mess. I thought it was just a bad case of the croop. She was up all night. LITERALLY. She would sleep for an hour then wake up barking. Oh, it wasn't fun.

So we used 2 humidifiers. Took her outside to breathe cold air. Wrapped her up in blankets and put her in front of the freezer. Tried a steam/sauna thing in the bathroom. All the while Curtis kept telling me "She is going to the doctor in the morning."

I thought it was croop. I didn't think they would see her.

I called the doctor. And they said since she still had labored breathing to bring her in. I did at 9:45. I walked in and talked to the nurse for approximately 42 seconds. She said, "I'll be right back" and brought the doctor in. She proceeded to do a breathing treatment, which didn't work. So she got 2 injections of steroids. It was not pretty. That was followed by another breathing treatment. We left at 12 with instructions to watch her and if it gets worse, we are to go to the ER. Smashing.

But the good news is...She is doing a bit better. I was sent home with a breathing machine that I have to give her treatments with every 2-3 hours as well as steroids and antibiotics. I took her to McDonalds for lunch. She wasn't hungry. If you know my daughter, that's how you know she's sick. But I did get her to eat a yogurt parfait. It only took 45 minutes.

Unfortunately, She still sounds like a seal.


VikingMom said...

I'm sorry to hear that she's still barking like a seal. Poor thing. Travis was the first kid that we had to do the breathing machine treatment with. (We still have it in fact.) Keep hanging in there Kristi...I think you've had more than you're fair share this year!

Heidi said...

Breathing treatments are no fun - but isn't it awesome that you can take that little nebulizer with you and do them at home instead of having to go to the doctor every day to do them? I'm so sorry that you're going through another season of sickness. We will praying... keep us posted.

Billy said...

I sometimes liked to take a "hit" off the nebulizer when no one was looking.

AMankin said...

So sorry--the kids I babysat for (like 20 years ago) Called their nebulizer the "space mask."