Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Busy Summer Days.

I feel like we are settled enough to start having some fun. So yesterday, my friend from college (Sara Emmerson), was visiting from Chicago, and we decided to meet at Disneyland. It took some work to get out of the house, but we finally made it. We parked in some random parking lot that looks like it is close to Disneyland, but actually took about 20 minutes to walk to the gate.

We met up with Sara at California Adventure, and of course, the kids hit it off right away. She has a little boy named Lincoln who is ADORABLE. Haley and Lexi took turns holding his hand all day. We had fun showing them some attractions that they hadn't yet seen. And we got to experience Toy Story Mania together for the first time. I must say, it was AWESOME! 2 thumbs up! More than I thought it would be! In other words...we really, really enjoyed it. We waited 45 minutes for it...but time goes by fast when you have good friends to talk to! :o) Sara had to leave by 2, but I decided to stick it out. I took the kids over to the water area...put their suits on and they played in the sprinklers. Lexi had enough and decided to take a nap in the stroller, while Haley played for another hour by herself. It was fun for her and relaxing for me.

We came home and I made a picnic dinner...inspired by the fact that we have no kitchen floors, and our dining room table is smushed into our refrigerator...another story entirely....but anyway, we headed outside and had a great dinner. We have a greenbelt in front of our house which is perfect for picnics!

Today, Haley went to school and I took Lexi to Summer Kids Movies. The Regal Cinemas by our house shows free movies for kids on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and today we thought we'd try it. It was Veggie Tales 'Jonah' movie. I didn't know how Lexi would do since the only movie she had been to before was when she was 6 weeks old, and she slept through the entire thing. But Curtis wants to take her to see WALL-E with us on Friday, so I thought we'd try this first. It went really well for about 30 minutes, and then she was restless. At an hour in, she packed up her popcorn, told me she was "all done". and said "BYE-BYE Jonah." So I took my cue, and we headed out. Hmmmm....I'm not sure about Wall-E.

Regardless....we are having a good time together.


johnsonandjohnson said...

Why did I read this at work? I am so jealous.

Kristi said...

don't be jealous...i left out the bad stuff, like Lexi is constipated and crying every 5 minutes...including now, while she is trying to sleep. I changed 10 diapers before noon that had little poop streaks in them. And Haley had a severe emotional breakdown today that topped itself off with her going outside in front of our house in just her undies. What the????

Diane Davis said...

oh, i love these little maniac stories too! more, more!

it sounds like a fun day and i'm glad you got to hang out with sara.

Sarah B. said...

Yes...I like hearing the icky parts of the stories along with the wonderful parts. I am excited to try out Toy Story Mania now. And how did I not know about the movies? Is it the Beach and Warner theater? This sounds like something I am going to have to add to my summer list of things the kids can do. And oh, all Haley talked about on Sunday was that she had a pool at her house and a greenbelt...well she said there was lots of grass in her front yard and she could play in all of it.

Kristi said...

sarah...the regal cinemas at triangle square was the one we went to. Look up Regal on line...summer movies... they have 2 to choose from. A G rated film and a PG...for free. 10 am on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.