Thursday, June 5, 2008

Slithering Snakes and the One Armed Man.

I hate them (snakes...not one-armed men). I've always known that. My daughter, who has no fear of them went to a party where they had pythons. She let it wrap around her body. I might have passed out if I had been there.

So these people that bring pythons to parties...they have a store here in town. She enjoyed the python experience so much, we loaded up the car one day to go check out all the other amphibians. This is not my cup of tea. I much rather go to a puppy store and look at all the fluffy animals. Not scaly, slimy ones. But I am a mom. And this is what we do.

I don't think I knew what kind of fear I had of snakes until I walked into the "snake room". Luckily, it was quite large and I was able to sit at the back of the room while Curtis and the girls were peering into the snakes cages. I was seriously hands were clammy...I thought I would have to leave. But I stuck it out.

We have since had several adventures to this store. I feel like each time I go, I become more brave. I have even stood in the same room (though I was covering my eyes) when they fed rabbits to the snakes and mice to the smaller ones. Yeah, it's quite an adventure.

But the girls love it. And we always buy a bowl of worms so they can feed the turtles and the fish before we go.

So let's get to today's events... I don't quite know if Haley is still sick from the Hand/Foot/Mouth deal...blisters were supposed to come and they have never appeared...she has no fever...and she is running around full of energy. I didn't want to chance it though, so I thought we'd just go to this "amphibian store" for an outing and check out all those slimy creatures.

I was doing okay. Even made it through the snake room alright. Then I noticed that the owner was walking through the store and he didn't have an arm. Granted, he could have lost it in Vietnam, a car accident, or a multitude of different ways...but all my mind could think of was that somehow a snake was involved. I then had horrible fears of one of the cages coming loose and a snake killing us all. I was forming escape plans in my know...trying to remember everything I've ever seen on one of those Adventure/National Geographic shows. Seriously people...the one armed man (bless his soul) did me in. I'm not sure I can go back.


Sarah B. said...

Wow....not a big fan of snakes here either. Although when I read one armed man I had to start laughing...not at the one armed man but because it just hit me too...what would a one armed man be doing working at a snake/lizard store? I think it would be bad for business. Icky snakes.

discomommy said...

The gator bit it off. Snakes go for the head first.

Diane Davis said...

i didn't comment on this post because i had nothing witty to contribute. but it's a darn good post. ;)