Thursday, June 19, 2008

Playing Tetris

I'm still here. Just busy. Life is full of boxes. We are playing tetris with everything we own right now...trying to figure out what goes where....what won't fit....what will be passed on. I had 2 yard sales last month. I filled up my van yesterday with things to take to goodwill. I have given stuff away. And I still have TOO much. I think that says a lot about me and about what I think I NEED. This has been a good lesson for me. Albeit, a frustrating one...but a good one.

The most important thing is the kids. And they are happy. They like their "new house." They like Baby Jack (our next door neighbor who is 1 month older than Lex, but about 15 pounds smaller...) They like their "front yard"...which is a communal greenbelt. Haley likes her fancy room (it has wood floors) and being the only person in the house with a ceiling fan. They like having a pool, and are BEGGING to swim in it...we just haven't had a chance yet.

We have to be out of our other house by tomorrow. Many trips have been made. Boxing up stuff, bringing it over, attempting to find a spot, and then going back for more. It is an exhausting process, and I will be SO glad when it is done.

Many thanks to Shannon & Jeremy who brought over a cargo van and helped us move on Father's Day (they lovingly volunteered since the rest of the world was actually CELEBRATING Father's day), and to Jon Michell for helping Curtis and bringing us dinner, and to Gina for letting us borrow him, and to my parents who have spent countless hours helping us (my dad is at the old house right now cleaning it...), to Curtis' parents for watching the kids (moving with kids takes about 3x as much time as moving without), to the Bakers who are coming over tonight to help, and to Brandon & Dave for bringing more stuff over today.
Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!

We are blessed.


AMankin said...

seriously-it's painful not to be there in person helping you guys! I am so happy there seem to be lots of other helping hands.

John B said...

Hope that you are all settling in okay -- when you have a moment to catch a breath read this link about this crazy guy trying to reduce to 100 things total...,9171,1812048,00.html