Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Singing her Prayers.

Haley has taken to singing her prayers. It started because of a blessing song they learned in school. I complimented her on how lovely it was, and now she sings EVERY prayer. It is very sweet, albeit quite time consuming (not that praying is a bad thing). But a typical prayer now lasts 3-4 minutes because there are several stanzas. Lexi is so tired of it at mealtime, that she starts eating halfway through with disregard to the reverent singing prayer in the background. It can also be awkward at Cheesecake Factory when Granddad starts to pray, but Haley volunteers her prayer and then sings as quietly as a mouse, so we must all stretch and lean in to hear the divine wisdom coming from her.

Here was last night's prayer...sung to the tune of...well, whatever Haley has going on in her mind...

Thank you God for our friends.
(repeat 3x)

Thank you God for our family.
(repeat 3x)

Lord there are people who don't have homes or food...please take care of them...and help us to be kind to one another so they can have food (hold out food for a long extended time.)

And please help us make good choices and thank you for this day.

Thank you God for our friends that play outside on their bikes....


Then she looks up with a big smile as if to say "how was that one mom?" So I'm not quite sure if the prayers are for me or God. But they are sweet just the same.


VikingMom said...

Maybe you have a new cantor or Gregorian Chanter on your hands? Seriously though, you should record it for the future. I can see it now, Haley walking down the aisle to 4 year old self singing about "Fooooooood". :)

Don said...

Having heard a few of those prayers myself, I agree with Laurel...if there were a "holy" way to record them, it would be wonderful in the future. They are really beautiful gems. It must thrill the Father beyond words!

Sarah B. said...

I think it is sooo sweet when they sing those prayers. When Ashley started kindergarten we told her she had to start trying to say prayers like us...just say what is in your heart, not do the poems or songs. So here are her prayers....Thank you for houses so we dont die, thank you for food so we dont die, thanks you for water so we dont die, thank you for clothes so we dont die..." She literally adds "so we dont die" to EVERYTHING! I don't understand it but if thats whats in her hearts she says we have to let her say it.
At least they are praying, right?

Billy said...

Not to take away from the spirtual development and growth of Haley, but I always knew Lexi had a lot in common.

Don said...

Billy . . .

I had a little trouble understanding your comment, and then I saw that you posted it at 4:04 AM....where you and Shane out partying all night????? :)