Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Precious Friends....

These are my friends...JD & Celeste Cunningham and their son Colin. I worked with JD in Vegas. He married Celeste several months after I met him, and we have been friends ever since. We have been through SO much together. Late night conversations, long hours of serving at the church, nights out in Vegas, LOTS of chips & salsa, a trip to Florida, having babies, losing a best friend, COUNTLESS moves, new jobs, Disney days and the list goes on....

JD & Celeste moved to California a year ago. They live in Simi Valley which isn't super close, but we still find time to connect. Today they called to see if we could meet at Disney, but unfortunately, Haley took a turn for the worst this afternoon and was "grounded" from those kinds of fun activities. And instead of driving home, they asked if they could drive down to see us.

Inspired by my dad's blog about sitting around and having conversation, I went and got a Strawberry Pie (MY FAVORITE) at Polly's, put on a pot of coffee, and was looking forward to good conversation with our friends.

Do you know what JD & Celeste are like? They are like your favorite t-shirt AND your favorite pair of sweats that are fresh out of the dryer and ready for you to wear. You know the ones...they are so cozy and just feel like "home." That is how it feels when we are with them.

We took the 2 minute tour of our tiny abode, and then sat on the couch for hours in conversation. No emails, no blogs, no cell phones....face to face conversation...of the best kind. It was just what I needed.


Don said...

Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!

I'm jealous. (Not of your experience, but the experience itself.) Good for all of you!