Monday, June 2, 2008

Dissecting a Chicken.

I am one step, hear that, ONE step away from completely becoming a vegetarian. I barely eat red meat (literally maybe 5x a year.) i eat a lot of fish and I eat a fair amount of chicken. Add to that some cheese and nuts, and that's how I get my protein.

But yesterday, I went grocery shopping and bought a whole chicken. I decided I wanted to experiment and try to cook it. So, I go online to look for the tastiest recipe. On all these recipies, I was instructed to "remove gizzards." Hmmm...What is a gizzard, I wonder. So I put my hand inside the chicken to find out. OH MY GOSH! I almost threw up in my mouth. It is a gooey-jello like substance. So gross. I was pulling it out and making throw-up sounds simultaneously.

So the bird is now soaking in water....and I am trying to recover. I just went online to learn what a gizzard is. Apparently it is the stomach of the bird. Nice. So then I go to look for a picture to attach it to this blog so you could have the pleasure of looking at what my hands were all over, and I found out that people EAT the gizzards... fried, on skewers, and the list goes on.

Yeah, this is too much for me. My stomach (or should I say gizzard) is still upset. I hope I can enjoy my dinner.


Kurt said...

Technically, a gizzard is not the same as a stomach. A gizzard is basically the bird's answer to teeth. It's an organ that grinds food before entering the stomach.

However, I believe the recipe you mentioned was simply using the term gizzard as a synecdoche meaning all the entrails, not just the gizzard itself.