Saturday, January 3, 2009

Remember I Love Lucy?

When Lucy was always trying to get into Ricky's act? I think Haley is the reincarnation of Lucy. She finds a way to get in the middle of every show. My friend Sarah was at our house tonight and noticed a picture on the fridge of Haley's preschool class acting at the nativity scene. Guess who was Mary? Yep, Haley. Guess who was Mary last year? Yep, Haley.

So, as we are strolling along the Sea World Grounds, there is a lovely little trio playing Christmas tunes. Haley stops to listen to her "Friends". (Cause, yes...everyone is "her friends"...especially if instruments are involved.) So she puts a request in for Jingle Bells. The musicians asked her to join them up front, but she declined. She opted instead to sing from her position in the audience.

Ladies and Gentlemen...Haley....

After one song, she apparently gained her confidence and joined the guys up front. This time she didn't sing though. She just ate some chips. But at least she was kind enough to share.


Heidi said...

These pics are great - were you using a different sort of filter or something?

The color is really cool.

Kristi said...

oh you are sweet. i don't know what i did...just playing around in iphoto.

Don said...

You used the effects tool...I LOVE that. Makes plain-jane pictures look incredible. Between cropping, highlighting, antiquing, and color boosting, you can work wonders.

But Heidi's right...the pic of Haley with her friends is GREAT!!!