Monday, January 5, 2009


So I started playing piano when I was 3 or 4. Taking lessons and stuff. It came pretty naturally (as it should considering what my Dad AND Mom can do on the keys). Then it got boring. High School happened. And there was a lot more interesting stuff going on than practicing piano.

I quit playing for about 6 years then I decided to take it up again. But it was all classical stuff.

Again, I could play, but the problem was...not when it counted.

College was one disappointing performance (or workshop) after another. I HATED IT!

Then I started getting involved in leading worship at a church in Las Vegas. Everything was done by chord charts. So here I am able to play sonatas & have no IDEA how to play off a chord chart. It was like learning a whole new language.

That has been 7 years now. Of learning a new language. Of dealing with major insecurities & doubts. Of being embarrassed. Of trying hard. Giving up. Trying again.

Once I started working in my current job, I felt safe. And that opened me up to being more comfortable at the piano. Now I long to play and feel at home when I am sitting and playing and singing and writing. I love it. It's an escape. It fulfills me. opportunity opened up for me this week to play at a local restaurant in town. I'm only going to play piano on one song (a cover of Sara Bareilles Love Song) and I'm glad cause I think that's all my nerves can take. I'm just telling myself I can do it. I have prepared for this. And not to be scared. But oh man, is it eating away at me. AAAGH! Breathe. I will overcome. I will overcome.

It's also intimidating because I'm performing with some great musicians. Which by the way...if you'd like to hear some great music - Curtis & Robbie are singing well as Dave Yaden. The rehearsals went great yesterday. We'd love to have you there.
So come join us... KONA's on PCH in Sunset Beach. Wednesday at 7pm. (Come a little early if you can.) There is a cover charge of $7 adults but it is going to support the local Performing Arts School.

Come enjoy the music. And watch me try and battle my fears. Either way it's bound to be entertaining!


World of Wright said...

You could try farting before you go on stage.
I hear it works well for Dave.

johnsonandjohnson said...

I know you are jealous, but I will actually be working on Wednesday night. fun for me!

If you "choke" you could always play Mary had a little lamb OR I can record it for you ahead of time if you feel too much pressure to come up with how intense that little diddy can be.

Sarah B. said...

I will be there and I don't know music AT ALL so anything you do will sound A LOT better than what I could do so I will be impressed and cheer for you and if something happens and you can't do it I will loudly fall out of my seat for you, to distract everyone and draw the attention to me on my bottom on the floor...maybe after I spill a soda on myself or something. All for you.

Sarah B. said...

Oh yeah, and I am not worried at all that you will be anything but GREAT!

The Craftypigs said...

You'll be fabulous. There are so many who wish to play and sing and cannot, they will be envious. There are more who think they can play and sing and cannot and they will be jealous. You, however, can do both. Be confident. Be zealous.

Kristi said...

thanks for the encouragement friends.

jennifer, please record mary had a little lamb. that is totally my back up plan!!!! can you send me the mp3?

and sarah - i am completely and totally counting on you to fall out of your chair if necessary. that is my backup backup plan!

Love u guys.

Kristen said...

Oh, I can so relate to learning chord charts after years of classical training. At age 18, I could play Moonlight Sonata but not Lord I Life Your Name on High from a chord chart. Good bless bible college music programs!

I'm sure you will be great on Wed.

Lyn said...

No worries - You'll be great!

Don said...

As you discovered at Central, reading charts is more theory than piano. I wouldn't be able to read a chart or improvise diddly if it hadn't been for my little-old-lady piano teacher giving me theory lessons way back when. Understanding chords and how they relate to each other (theory) is the key to playing a chord chart. Then the traditional piano skills (scales and literature) come in handy to make the fingers work better on the topography of the keyboard.

The bottom line is a person has to WANT to spend the time to make the skill develop. And you, my dear daughter, invested the time and energy to make it happen...and it's paid off beautifully. You're gonna rock Wednesday night! Can't wait to hear you do LOVE SONG!

Rick said...

If I make it, I'm sure when you are done I'll be bragging to everyone around, "I know her!!"
(I hope you don't play, "Lord I life your name on high." I don't know that one)

AMankin said...

man-I so wish I could be there!! GO Kristi!!!!!!! you will be great.

discomommy said...

You are amazing! You will do amazing! Just take a deep breath and do what you do best...sing! No one will notice if you play the worng chord.

The Unlikely Pastor's Wife said...

STILL trying to get a babysitter for this one. Paul has to work tonight :-(
Hopefully someone will pull through for me last minute.

Hope to see you....and hear ya!!!

Heidi said...

I heard it was amazing (not that I'm suprised, you're always amazing!) - congrats! :)