Wednesday, January 21, 2009

5 Years ago Today Part 2.

I had an appointment with my OBGYN scheduled for this day in case Haley did not arrive on her actual due date. I went in with great expectation, only to be told that I had not dilated at ALL, and the baby hadn't even dropped. My eyes filled up with tears and they started streaming down my face. It was like everything was happening in slow motion.

"How much longer?" I asked.

She said that if the baby wasn't here by next week, she would put me in the hospital and begin to induce me.

Pause. I started doing the math in my head. You see, we were moving in 2, count them 2 weeks back to California. 2 of my best friends had recently had C-Sections, and I started getting worried that if I too had a C-Section, I wouldn't be healthy enough to move (The recovery is a BEAR!).

Since I had earlier complications in the pregnancy, I had been seeing a perintologist every month. He recorded the baby's weight each visit. So I asked the doctor if we could get another ultrasound done, because at 8 months, she was already weighing in at 7.5 pounds. My doctor looked puzzled. "Hmmmm...." she said, as she went over to my paperwork. Her eyes got big and she said, "Yeah, we better do the ultrasound."

So - they sent me to get the ultrasound done. Before I left her office, I said "At what weight would you suggest doing an C-Section?" And she said "Anything over 9 pounds."

I lived in FEAR of the C-Section and I was hoping my intuition was wrong on this one.

So we checked into the Perintologist's office. I was with his assistant for about 15 minutes before the doctor came in. And about 5 minutes in she started asking if I had diabetes. "WHY?" I ask. "I was just wondering." Well, I know that with diabetes comes big babies....but I was certain I did not have diabetes. So I confidently replied no. 5 minutes later, she asked again. "Are you sure?" Okay... now I'm getting freaked out.

Enter the doctor. Who looks at the paperwork, does an ultrasound of his own, and then announces that I have a 10 1/2 pound baby inside me. WHATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT??????????????????????? How in the world is that possible? Then he said, "Ultrasounds are not always accurate...we could be off a pound either way. So she could be 9 1/2 pds. or 11 1/2 pounds."


So, he says, "We need to schedule a C-Section today." And just like that, I had no fear. The thought of pushing a 11 1/2 pound baby out suddenly made a C-Section sound as nice as an all expense paid vacation to Hawaii.

So he called my doctor and they made the arrangements for Friday the 23rd.

I was ecstatic. I called my parents. Curtis called his parents. And then practically everyone we knew.



Lyn said...

Loved getting that phone call, and loved the drive to Vegas, and loved seeing Haley for the first time - and every time! Happy Birthday, Haley, and Congratulations to you and Curtis for being wonderful parents. We love you all (and sister Lexi, too)!

World of Wright said...

Isn't it funny how all those memories seem like only a week ago. I can't remember where I put my keys but I remember every second of both my boys' birthdays.

Anonymous said...

Same thing happened to me. Told me my baby was well over 10 pounds. Scheduled a c-section (which I wanted anyway given the fact that I had one the first time). She ended up being 8lb 8oz. So NOT 10lbs!

Lisa P said...

I love these stories that come in blog chapters...I am in suspense!

Heidi said...

Tell us more please!!! This all took place before I really knew you. I have a lot of Kristi to catch up on. Keep the stories coming!

discomommy said...

Haley rocks. Cesareans sucks. I had two. Both planned yet unplanned. They SUCK!