Friday, July 11, 2008

Tour of Orange County Marriotts. our house is blowing up. this point, it would probably be faster to blow it up and start over. But instead, they'd rather pick it apart piece by piece. Tear down walls...rebuild. Put new drywall up...etc. Here are some fun quotes of the day:

"Not sure how long it will take...2 days? 5 days? Maybe 2 weeks."
"Oh insurance is saying it may not pay for this now..."
"So when did you call the water emergency team to come in and clean this out?" (huh?...uh, never.)
" guys need to pack up and move out tonight."

So...we have been back in forth between our landlord and our insurance all day. We are under the impression that we are going to pay a 1,000 deductible. We hope that is all. In the meantime, we are to stay in a hotel (also under the "impression" that it will be paid for...)

We thought about staying at Curtis' parents house since they are out of town, but then we thought it might be more fun for the kids if we made it another hotel stay...they love hotels...they love the pool.

So we called up a Residence Inn in Costa Mesa...booked the Penthouse Suite. It was supposedly the only 2 bedroom unit in Orange County, so we booked it. (Thinking it would be paid for.) So we are reading the rooms, plasma tvs...1100 sq. feet...etc. Sounded really nice.

So with a hotel booked, we go and get dinner (also supposedly paid for). We finally get back to the hotel at 9pm. It's dark..but the STEEL GATE around the hotel should have been a clue. Yes friends...this place was GHETTO. SEriously...GHETTO. Smelled like smoke. Wallpaper old and ripped. Not cool. No plasmas. 36" tvs. So not cool. So not 1100 sq. feet. This was no penthouse suite my friends. No no. And it wasn't worth the $300 we were paying for it...even if we WEREN'T paying for it.

So we spent the next 1hr. and a half on the phone with MArriott and my parents looking for another place to stay. Curtis went down to the front desk and they gave us another key and told us to try another room. MORE GHETTO. NO THANX. So we finally went back and said we would like to check out only to hear the guy say "yeah...that happens all the time around here." SHOCKING.

So we found another place. I won't say where in case there is some weirdo freak reading this who wants to stalk me... but we got here around 11 (yeah...the girls were crazy)...but we are all tucked into our beds now. It doesn't smell like smoke and it isn't ghetto. And it's WAY cheaper. YEAH!

So..we'll keep you updated on our hotel stay...and our mold infested home.

Now I will get back to Oceans 13 on my free HBO and relax in my air conditioned, non moldy (I think) hotel room.


johnsonandjohnson said...

wow...sounds like you guys had an interesting night. I hope Curtis told you that we want to have you guys over for dinner during your tour.

edie said...

I hope you treat yourself to about twelve white chocolate mochas today (spaced throughout the day, of course, or in one sitting if you prefer). You deserve every one.

Kristi said...

Edie! What a splendid idea!!! Mochas on Allstate! Anyone?

Don said...

And here I was, ticked that I had to drive to Sherman Oaks to deliver a suitcase that I accidentally stole from LAX.

Daughter, you have more than enough stuff for 3 best-sellers! Anne Lamott, watch your back!

Hang in there...enjoy the AC and the pool. You know where our washer/dryer are if you need them.

Lyn said...

Count me in on the mocha (or maybe an iced caramel macchiato)!

Seriously, I'm glad the new place worked out last night, and I hope all four of you got a really good night's rest.

I'm with Dad on the book - the last 6 months alone would be enough for a best seller. You guys are troopers. I love you so much!

Jennifer said...

oh gosh....what a nightmare for you. Even though you didn't really write about it, I can feel the exhaustion, frustration, disappointment and sheer craziness in at all. Here's to finding friend you can house sit for that has a pool!\Goodluck....I'll keep you in my prayers

Roni said...

Wow, Kristi, some welcome home, huh? I'm so sorry! Well, look on the bright side - you are getting plenty of blogging fodder. Ha. I know you'd rather find your fodder elsewhere. I'll pray for you guys!

Lisa P said...


At some point I need to tell you about the time our house was flooded while we were on vacation. We lived in a motel for 2 months--sister and I had chicken pox and my dad had a bout of bronchitis. However, this doesn't seem like the time you want to hear that story.

On a better note, we still look back at that time and laugh. Here's to better times for you!