Saturday, July 12, 2008

Held Hostage in the Residence Inn.

It is 9:56. Curtis and I have been in bed for 30 minutes. We tried putting Lexi down in Haley's room so we could hang out in the living area but she wanted nothing to do with that. So we put Haley to bed in her room. Lexi is in the living room, and we are being held hostage in our room. Curtis finally changed the station from the Mexican channel where he was watching 'In the Line of Fire' in Spanish. So hey...things are looking up.

Listen...I don't want to complain about what is going on. I appreciate the pity and the empathy. Our situation is not the best. But I was thinking tonight about two friends of ours who are going through truly difficult times. Waunema is a young mother of 2 who has stage 4 cancer. Our friend Tyronne has been in the hospital visiting his roomate/best friend for the past 2 weeks who was in a horrific car wreck and is still in a coma. These are the people who are really having a rough time. So if you get a moment...say a prayer for them.

In the meantime...I will be positive about our situation. I will look for the good in being held hostage in the Residence Inn.

Here are the pros:
1. Air Conditioning.
2. Hot Breakfast Buffet prepared for us every morning. Good coffee.
3. There's nothing left to do but rest.
4. I can't do laundry.
5. Someone comes and cleans after me every day.
6. We don't have to look for a parking spot at night.

Possible Pros which could also could also qualify as Possible Cons:
1. Allstate should pay for our hotel. Con - This will be really expensive if they don't.
2. Allstate should pay for our expenses ( Con - This will be really expensive if they don't.

Official Cons:
1. As I have been typing this, I have almost gone through an entire box of 100 calorie snacks. The chocolate covered pretzels are so good. But I don't think it counts if you eat 6 of the 100 calorie pouches.
2. Curtis is taking to this early to bed thing. He is asleep. Now I'm lonely. Oh wait... Princess Diaries 2 is on. I will make the best of this situation afterall!


Diane Davis said...

I'm just checking in on blogs... I expected to see posts about your wonderful trip. I CANNOT believe you came home to mold problems when you just moved into that place. Seriously, I'm feeling for you right now. Hang in there!

AMankin said...

oh man--I was thinking I'd see more Disney. I am so sorry your "new" home is full of mold! It's like your life should be a reality tv show. What's up next?1?!?!?? I am praying for quick renovations and that they accidentally install an A/C unit while they are there.

Kristen said...

Oh, that hotel situation is not good. I have spent many an evening in a quiet rage while my kids were sleeping (or not sleeping) in a hotel room. So sorry!