Monday, July 14, 2008

Tonight's updates.

We had sushi for dinner. Thank you Allstate.

We went to the Michells to hang out. Thank you Michells.

We came back and put the kids to bed. Thank you beds.

We named the screeching creature that lives in the pipes of our bathroom "Alec". Thank you Alec.

We watched a documentary on HBO. Thank you HBO.

*********Can't tell you*************Thank you Curtis.

I ate a Bran Muffin from Claim Jumper with Honey Butter at 11:30. Thank you Claim Jumper.

Watched the news and learned that Jimmy Kimmel & Sarah Silverman broke up AND found out that Jessica was replaced on So You Think You Can Dance by Comfort because she was injured. :( And for that riveting news, I saw Thank You Entertainment Television.


Brazenlilly said...

2 things. First, I think Jessica TOTALLY got the shaft on SYTYCD. The judges were way too harsh on her and too gushy with Will, her partner. I don't know all the reasons behind her leaving, but how hard will it be for Comfort if she gets booted off the show twice!?! What if it's two weeks in a row?!

Second, is "cant tell you" about Curtis because he has done too much to blog about or because it is too private for a public blog?!

Roni said...

Thanks for the intriguing, if mystifying, "can't tell you" about Curtis. I guess it was TMI. :)

Wow, really (about Jessica and Comfort)????? I, too, think they were way too hard on Jessica, especially when Mia Michaels told Will, "You need a new parner." MEAN!! I am really impressed with Comfort, though. It's amazing how she can step up and do so well at all those styles she's never been trained in. I love her personality, too.

I'm still praying for you guys through the ongoing saga...

johnsonandjohnson said...


Diane Davis said...

i love my dirty girl with a grateful heart!