Tuesday, July 1, 2008

If it seems probably is.

So we just moved. We got our new power bill. I open it up expecting the normal $60ish dollar bill, but instead it was $461.67. HELLO??!! Panic sunk in. We moved here to save money, but apparently it cost A LOT more to buy power in this area. So I am TOTALLY freaking out (probably a side effect of doing bills at midnight).

I noticed it said we had a late payment on our last bill of $69.24. How did that happen? I was SURE I mailed it. More freaking out ensued. Curtis was sitting next to me wondering what was going on. I started looking through my records and realized 3 bills had not been processed. How could this happen? He is offering up such suggestions as, "did you mail them?" REALLY? Or, my favorite "did you put a stamp on them?" SERIOUSLY? If I knew if I mailed them or put a stamp on them, I wouldn't wonder where they were. After a brief conversation with Curtis explaining how his questions were not helping the situation, he decided to go walk the dog. Which was a wise move on his part. His wife was crazy.

While he was gone...I found the bills. In their nice little neat envelopes...with no stamps on them. Brilliant. So when Curtis came back I got to tell him that 1) I did not mail them, and 2) they did not have a stamp on them. Now it was just silly. We decided I was too tired and crazy to keep doing the bills, so we went to bed.

Now...back to the main event...the $461 bill. I just called SCEdison about this bill. Seems they charged us more than 1000kilowatts extra...seems that makes a big difference. Our real bill is $57.51.

So there are 3 lessons in this:
1. Mail your bills on time.
2. Don't do bills at midnight.
3. Always ask questions about your bill if it seems wrong.

I'm glad this one had a happy ending.


VikingMom said...

Whew! I'm glad you figured it all out. I think I would've passed out if I had opened up that bill.

Lyonslove said...

I love the helpful (?) questions that people ask. Like when you have lost something, Where is the last place you had it?

Lyn said...

I do love happy endings! So glad it turned out so well.

Jewels said...

ummm I say save the stamps and just pay online through your bank. This way you know they are paid, you don't have to remember to take them to the mail box and you save .41 cents. That's how I do it:)