Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Emotional Momma.

That is a picture of Haley at 2 weeks.

Tonight on the way home (and by home I mean hotel), we heard 'In my Daughter's Eyes' on the radio. When Haley was born, Curtis made this amazing video of her birth set to that song. Every time I hear it, it takes me back to that weekend.

When we were listening to it I said, "'s your song." And she asked, "Why is it my song?" This is the following conversation....

M = me H = Haley

M - because Auntie Jen gave this song to mommy to listen to in the hospital and Daddy made a video of you being born with this song always reminds me of when you were born and how I fell madly in love with you.

H - well, then you can marry me when I grow up.

M - I can't.

H - daddy can.

M - no...he can't...he's your daddy.

H- well who is going to marry me then?

M - I don't know. But God does. There is a little boy somewhere that is going to grow up and be a man and you can marry him when you get older.

H - you know who is going to teach at my wedding?

M - Who?

H - Granddad...he teaches at all the weddings. He wears a fancy suit...he puts on a tie...and a hat...and he teaches and gives people a ring and tells them they are married (Keep in mind 'In my Daughter's Eyes is still playing in the background.)

....I am now crying. Shocking...I know.

At this point...Lexi grabs Haley's hand and says "I love you sissy."

I mean SERIOUSLY...could this BE ANY MORE EMOTIONAL FOR ME???? I have to think about my daughter's birth...the gentle love of her sister...and her impending marriage to someone "taught" by Granddad all in the matter of seconds???

You know how they say when you are about to die your life passes before your eyes? was in this moment that every good and precious memory collided together and my heart was filled with so much love for these 2 girls and the 4 years that I've had with Haley and the 2 years that we've shared with Lexi. I was overflowing with love.

I was also overflowing with tears. I had to quickly wipe them away and put on a happy face as to look like a normal person... that is if a normal person walks through a hotel lobby filled with businessmen on the way back to her "house."


Lyn said...

That's so sweet. "Granddad teaching at weddings" was fresh on her mind, because earlier in the evening we were looking at a picture of you and Curtis on your wedding day. We asked Haley if she knew what that was, and she first said it was a party, then she told us that it was when Granddad teacheded and you and Curtis "got a wedding." She was surprised to find out that we were there, too. What a cutie.

Sounds like you had a wonderful drive "home" last night.

johnsonandjohnson said...

very sweet story...

Stacey said...

Kristi, crying?....say it isn't so!!! Actually, that story is so sweet I might have even cried!

johnsonandjohnson said...

p.s. what station was that song playing on? It wouldn't have been country, you closet country fan, would it?

Heidi said...

so sweet...

Diane Davis said...

that is such a beautiful picture. i love your soft heart.