Thursday, February 14, 2008


So Rach has this show called 30 minutes or less. Tonight, we put her to shame. We arrived home from a long, fun day at D-Land and it was 6:10 and the girls who had fallen asleep in the car were crying out for food. But alas, the leftovers I was going to warm up were a no-go, since we have no microwave. Oh yeah, our microwave is broke as a joke. And we are officially living in the Colonial Times.

But I digress... So, what is a family of 4 to do? I will tell you....

1 . Mini Chicken Tacos from Trader Joes... a gift from the heavens. And only take 7 minutes to cook.
2. Minute Rice.
3. Corn from a can.
4. Sliced Zucchini sauteed in olive oil.
5. Guacamole made from avocados, tomatoes, garlic.
6 . Baked (not fried) Trader Joes tortilla chips (low calories...low fat.)
7. Add Salsa, Cheese, Sour Cream.

Time we sat down to eat - 6:26. That is 16 minutes people (which included figuring out WHAT to eat!!!)

Outcome - FANTASTIC! :o) It was so delightful. Kids loved it...Parents agree.

So when are we getting our t.v. show?


Billy and Laurel Baker said...

Rachael Ray? Isn't she just a imitating Kristi Templeton? She's such a poser! What a sweet accomplishment considering the lack of a microwave. As for me, I'm living in the dark oven has decided to go kaput.


Jon in HB said...

Megan loves Rachel Ray. She will watch her entire cooking show. Gina hates it, cause she can't stand cooking shows. One time our neighbors microwave broke and they would come over to borrow ours to defrost what ever were having for dinner. But that's ok, we borrowed their oven to cook our turkey on Thanksgiving when our oven broke. Colonial times? Wouldn't that mean that you ate stew or pheasant that Curtis shot?

MamaLyn said...

Can I just say you are amazing! So glad you had a fun day at Disneyland. You certainly deserved it!

HB Grandma said...

P.S. I feel your pain. Our microwave was out for about 6 weeks last year. No fun.

AMankin said...

I'm impressed! well done. Only Ben could pull that off at our house.

Laurel said...

Love those chicken tacos fro TJ's!!!