Saturday, February 9, 2008


I am so tired...I decided I would come home tonight and go to sleep...but the sweet sounds of Lexi's voice are keeping me awake. She is apparently making up for the 3 days of lethargy by going through her entire vocabulary several times over in her crib...she is currently screaming "veggie tales and granddad." ...i will be back. i need to check on her.

okay's hard to be mad at a kid who is laughing hysterically and has taken her shirt off in her crib and is asking you to tickle her when you come into her room. she is back down now...maybe she will sleep. After all, it's only 10:09.

Back to my story. I wasn't going to blog, but I enjoy reading the comments you all have made throughout this crazy week. And I noticed my friend Kurt Goble started a blog.

This is my friend Kurt who is married to my friend Heidi. They are precious friends.... Kurt is making a funny face in this picture because he wasn't thrilled about the hat I made him wear at Haley's 3 year old Bday party. He is probably making the same face now since I have put his picture on here for the world to see. But let's be honest... I've had a rough week, and need a good laugh.

Kurt started a blog today and said he was inspired by the fact that he could check up on Haley without having to bother Curtis and I. I just want all of you to know who have read this, how MUCH it means to our family to know that you care. We are covered in prayer and we can feel it.

So I'm sure you are wondering how the kids are. Lexi is OBVIOUSLY on the up and up (and just went to is 10:21. Haley is still at the hospital. I'm thinking she will come home tomorrow. She is still on an iv because she still is not wanting to drink very much. Sadly, I think we scarred her for life. All of the things she once loved and were special treats, i.e., jello, gatorade, sprite, she declared today that she does not like ANY of them. Those are also the things we've been trying to force down her throat for the past week. Lesson learned.

She ate a popsicle, a few animal crackers, and a couple bites of bread. She fought hard for pretzels at the beginning of the day, but gave up that fight for gum...and the nurse let her have a piece.

She definitely had the rotavirus....her rash is still undiagnosed. I'm not sure how much longer she will be in the hospital...but we are hoping/praying she is home tomorrow. Her fiesty spirit is definitely coming back.

My friend Gina - who is a superhero - she watched lexi today as well as her own 2 kids, and brought us dinner/coffee...WE LOVE YOU GINA! Anyway, as we were driving home tonight, she said, "this time next week, you will be exhausted because everything will be back to normal." I am looking forward to that exhaustion.

Thank you for the visits...the calls...the cards...the gifts...the balloons...and most of all your thoughts and prayers. There is definitely an end in sight.


Kurt said...

So good to hear things are looking up. I'm sure things will be back to "normal chaos" before you know it.
Then I'll deal with you and your little picture!


discomommy said...

Now that I have received a "shout Out" I will grace you with a comment...although I notice my picture is missing...where's the love?

I was thrilled to spend the day with Lexi and thoroughly enjoyed Haley smoking me in our game of Memory! I am not a Super Hero---just a SUPER friend!