Saturday, February 9, 2008

My husband...

is my rock. He just called to give me the update on Haley which is:
1 -x-rays show no need for surgery...liver is not 100%, but could be from all the vomiting.
2 - she is back on fluids (which was not an easy task apparently)
3 - rash is still undiagnosed...a specialist has been called.
4 - they are both trying to sleep now.

but this blog is about Curtis. I married my best friend. The other day I was on the phone with my mom and Curtis was bugging me so I said, "remind me why I married this guy."(teasing of course.) And she said, "because he makes you laugh every day." She's right...not a day goes by without me laughing. On a side note - I told him my mom said that, so now when I laugh he says, "I'm just doing my job."

But let me share what an amazing Dad he is. He loves his girls more than anything...and occasionally gets choked up (usually when he's really tired and getting ready for bed.) just telling me how much he loves them.

He has been the guy to take both girls to the ER. He has sat there with them when they were at their worst. He has been there when they put the IV's in because he know it tears me up inside. He has answered the doctors questions. He holds the girls' hands. He plays with their hair. He reads them books. He sings to them...Lexi's favorite is "This Little Light of Mine." He tells them that they are going to be okay.

He is a wonderful, sleep-deprived, hurting man...and I am the luckiest girl in the world to be married to a man like that. And the girls are blessed beyond measure to have a dad that loves them so.


Don said...

Beautiful entry, Kristi. You don't know how glad that makes YOUR dad to know you and your children are so loved by such a special person.

These rocky days will pass, but the love will last forever. It's great when it works out that way!


Brazenlilly said...

You are very blessed to have such a special guy, and all four of you are so fortunate to have each other, plus your other family to support you! For now, our long distance prayers will have to cover our end. Wish we could be there in person to help sing, pray, read, clean up vomit, etc. Hang in there! This will be a great story for years of how you took care of each other and God protected the girls.

jennifer said...

Not only does he love your girls like that....but he loves you like that too! He is a wonderful person indeed!

VikingMom said...

Props to Curtis! It's been fun watching him grow from a gawky teenager to a incredible man. Our family is proud to know both of you and are awed not just by your parenting skills, but your love for your children and each other.

Heidi said...

You guys are great together - and an awesome example for all of us to follow. Your children are very lucky to have you as parents - and we're lucky to have you as friends.

The Craftypigs said...

Oh honey, my heart just aches for your little family. Curtis is good people. I'm so thankful.