Friday, February 29, 2008

Life in Las Vegas

Despite Haley coming down with Croup and Lexi battling another ear infection....we headed to Vegas yesterday. (Before you cast judgement on Curtis and I as parents please note: 1. Both kids are on meds and 2. Haley wanted to come to Vegas as much as we did.) I digress....

We are staying in our friends - Pat & Sandy O'Laughlins - home. I say this without any is the nicest home I have ever stayed in. It is GINORMOUS...(Mom, that is a combination of Gigantic and Enormous.) Sandy's kids are with their Dad this weekend, so we each have our own room and it is so nice to spread out.

Today we are taking to the kids on our annual trip to my favorite restaurant in Las Vegas - Mon Ami Gabi (at the Paris hotel.) I am already craving their Pomme Frittes. Tonight we are going out with our friends the Rendels while a babysitter watches all of our kids. And tomorrow night they are hosting a Kareoke Party in our honor with our close friends. We are so excited!

Right now, the kids are watching Ratatouille on a 60 inch plasma tv on a Blue Ray's insane. I would never go to the movies if I lived here...okay, maybe I would. But goodness it's nice.

What a drastic change from my environment last week....


Brazenlilly said...

Hey! WE are watching Ratatouille right now! On a 32 inch old school TV though. And I remember when you took me to Mon Ami Gabi when I would visit you. Yum! Actually, most of the restaurants you took me to were really good. Have a wonderful weekend! You deserve the break.

Lyn said...

Oh, please think of me when you are at Mon Ami Gabi - I love the seafood crepes!

And I do know what GINORMOUS means--but thanks for the shout out anyway!

Have a great weekend. Molly is doing fine!