Friday, February 8, 2008

It gets worse...

While Lexi has shown signs of improvement, Haley has gotten considerably worse. After severe bouts of vomit this afternoon, Curtis took her to the doctor and they are sending her by ambulance to choc. On top of strep, on top of the flu, they said she has ileus. I had no idea what that meant, so here is the definition.

Main Entry: il·e·us
Pronunciation: il--s
: obstruction of the bowel; specifically : a condition that is commonly marked by a painful distended abdomen, vomiting of dark or fecal matter, toxemia, and dehydration and that results when the intestinal contents back up because peristalsis fails although the lumen is not occluded -- compare VOLVULUS

My poor child is in so much pain and it is killing me. I know there are so many worse things that can happen to children, but right now, this seems pretty awful. Please pray for her. She will definitely be in the hospital for 24 hours...maybe longer.


AMankin said...

sweet sweet family. We are praying fervently that the Great Physician will heal your babies quickly.

Dan said...

Kristi, we just learned about all this. We are praying and have been since we initially heard. We love you and know it is so hard to have your babies sick.

Try to rest in our Father's hands and provision. We love you guys!

Uncle Dan and Angie

Billy and Laurel Baker said...

One hit after poor guys are probably feeling pretty beat up by now. There are so many of us praying for you and will continue to do so. My heart hurts for you guys...know you're not alone. God's there with you.

Lyonslove said...

Kipp and I are loving you and caring for you. We are so sorry and are here for anything that you may need.