Friday, May 30, 2008


Ok...the Lakers didn't lose...It was just supposed to be a catchy title. But I would like to talk about 2 things.

1. The Lakers - and how AWESOME last night's game was. Thank you boys for playing your little hearts out and for giving us a good game!

2. Lost...thank you for living up to all expectations and being an absolutely fabulous season finale!!!!!!!

I was a giddy girl.


Lyonslove said...

First off, the Lakers will lose to the Celtics in 5 games (sorry, I can't stand the Lakers, I am a Kings fan,but I do like Pau Gasol). Second, Lost was awesome. Third, this comment was posted by Kipp. Have a nice day

Heidi said...

All I know about the Lakers is that they hurl a spherical object through some sort of a mounted apparatus and evidently that's kind of a big deal; also, they have a fan base that I have deemed completely insane.

With regard to Lost, holy cow. It was stinkin' crazy-wicked-awesome. Yay Lost.

I would say Boo Lakers, but I don't want to feel the sting of contempt from all my crazy friends who are such devoted followers of theirs...

But, I fear I've said too much and will no doubt be feeling the sting of their contempt anyway, so WTH. Boo Lakers.

discomommy said...

You are going to the Jack FM Lakers party tomorrow at Sport Chalet right? 10AM. Free Lakers gear.

I am not a fan, just keep hearing the commercials!