Friday, May 23, 2008

I'm a Copycat

Heidi listed some of her favorite things from the week... I thought I'd share my favorite things of the day.

1. Riding in an RV with my kids...seeing the joy on their faces.
2. Curtis making coffee in the middle of the day.
3. Snuggling in a warm blanket with nothing to do in Norco cause it's cold and rainy....and so cozy.
4. Playing Bingo with the girls.
5. Connie making Skyline chili, and me blowing my good eating behavior by piling on lots of cheese.
6. Watching Lexi pretend to drive the RV.
7. Coming back to camp from the grocery store to see my daughters dressed as cowgirls, walking hand in hand with Daddy and Granddad into "town".
8. Talking to Jen Bunch.
9. Listening to the Lakers KILL the spurs over the Radio.
10. Lexi telling me that Santa Clause was here (one of the cowboys had a long grey beard and a belly...oh, and a Miller Lite in his hand.) Haley wondering where the elves were.


Heidi said...

Uh, hello? What about reading Heidi's blog?

Stacey said...

My favorites of your favorites...#3 and #7. I love when we're camping and we get rain. Forced to snuggle in and enjoy the moment....the best!!! Seeing the girls decked out in their cowgirl "duds" with dad...good times, good memories. Trips to Tombstone, Big Bear, Bakers-patch...makes me long for a cowboy roadtrip. Hope you have a great weekend! YeeHaw!!!

Sarah B. said...

I absolutely LOVE Skyline chili. We have a friend who sends us out a few packets every year and they are a treasured thing. Yummy!

Lyn said...

Glad you had such a wonderful day. That Skyline sounds good - great Skyline weather. And who knew Sarah was a fan of Skyline. We'll have to invite the Bruces to our next Skyline bash. Good times!

Hope today is even more fun than yesterday. 'Love you!

Don said...

Who knew Santa like Miller LITE?

Lyonslove said...

How is David Cook not on your list?

Brazenlilly said...

Awww! Talking to you was one of my favorites too! And I'm also waiting to see pics of the kids in cowgirl outfits. If you can get Miller Lite Santa, that's a bonus.