Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hurt Billy Heel.

There is a hill on the road on the way to my mom's house. We've crossed that road so many times now. And each time, it gets a reaction out of the girls. When it was just itty bitty Haley, she would say "WEEE" and laugh. Now that she is older, and Lexi is around, they always giggle and ask the other, "Did it hurt your belly?"

Last night, I was in the car with my Mom and the two girls. We went over the hill and Lexi said, "See's the hurt Billy (belly) heel." (Sidebar: Both of my kids pronounce hill as heel most of the time, because I have a hard time correctly pronouncing that word as well.) So my mom says, "OH... that's what she is talking about!" Apparently the other day she was trying to describe this hill to my parents, but they could not comprehend what she was saying.

So fast forward to this morning. We took a different road, but going in the same direction as my mom's house. And Lexi says, "Where is the hurt billy heel?" And I told her we were on a different road, so we wouldn't go over the hill today.

BUT...I forgot there was a tiny bit of a hill, one that made her say "MOMMY! It was a little hurt billy heel...see I told you we would go over one." And I said, "You are right! It was like a mini hurt belly hill."

She interpreted "mini" as "Minnie" the Mouse.

So she says, "Yeah...and we'll call the other one MICKEY hurt billy heel."



Lyn said...

Leave it to Lex to come up with another gem!

Lisa P said...

That clarifies everything!