Friday, February 19, 2010

Olympic Gold.

It is February 18, 2010.

For as long as I live, I will never forget this night.

It started out great as Curtis and I got to go hear Rob Bell speak. Good stuff.

Then we came home to find Evan Lysacek starting his Olympic long program skate. So exciting.

At 11:23, I heard a door open, and a comatosed Haley walked out mumbling something about being thirsty.

We gave her some water.

She saw the Olympics were on and started talking about hockey. (Earlier in the day, I had mentioned how I was bummed I wouldn't get to see the olympics tonight, so she said she would watch them for me.) "I watched the Olympics for you mom...Hockey."

Then Curtis said, "You wanna snuggle up with us and watch some more ice skating?"

So we have spent the past hour on the couch watching ice skating. You've got to understand how much I LOVE the Olympics! And to be able to watch them with my very tired daughter (i.e. snuggly), and then to watch Evan WIN THE GOLD... it was just a moment of pure perfection.

What a great night! Hurray for the Olympics. Hurray for Evan. Hurray for sweet family memories.


Brazenlilly said...

This whole post makes me smile! I thought of you and how much you would be loving this! I did not stay up late, but was screaming at my TV during the women's half pipe. :)

Lyn said...

What a beautiful description of a perfect evening. We didn't get to see any of the Olympics last night, but I'm getting ready to watch last night's skating now. (Thank you, DVR!) I can't wait to see Evan's performance. So glad you got to see it in such a special setting.

Don said...

Brings back memories of us watching the Olympics with you and Jennifer! Sweet times for sure.